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Figurama Collectors Celebrates 2019: Year of Achievements!

December 31, 2019

Figurama Collectors Celebrates 2019: Year of Achievements!

An old year ends and a new decade begins!

Join us for a nostalgic journey through some of our favorite highlights of 2019—an unprecedented year for Figurama Collectors!

2019 in Summary

3 Statue Preorder Launches

We put three of our most highly anticipated statues up for preorder:

  • Hunter X Hunter Netero VS Meruem Elite Fandom Statue (sold out in 6 hours 15 mins)
  • Attack on Titan Eren VS Armored Titan Elite Exclusive Statue (sold out in 4 hours 40 mins)
  • Tokyo Ghoul Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue (sold out in 7 hours 05 mins)

Figuramians around the world joined us for games, giveaways, highlights, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content in the Figurama Collectors Hub leading up to the big preorder days!

2 Statues Shipped to Collectors

Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Elite Exclusive Statue

“Pictures won’t do justice to this wonderful piece. I just LOVE him. Worth every dollar I paid. Worth every week and month I waited. It’s just stunning. When I placed the last ‘explosion’ and stepped back a few steps, it gave me goosebumps. You nailed it. You made a real tribute to the anime.”

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Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki VS Yamori Elite Fandom Statue

“I just want to say how beautiful and epic this statue is. I still find myself gazing at it in awe before heading off to work and after getting home from work. This was my first piece by Figurama and it most certainly won’t be the last.”

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7 New Licenses Announced

Figurama Collectors revealed anime licenses from a variety of genres and eras:

  • Bleach
  • Made in Abyss
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Blame!
  • Evangelion
  • Dororo
  • Mazinger Z

8 Worldwide Event Appearances

To showcase our statues, we toured some of the world’s largest anime and collectibles events in 2019, bringing acknowledgement to our art and instilling pride in the hearts of collectors:

    • Winter Wonder Festival, Japan
    • MCM Comic Con London, England (in partnership with Crunchyroll)
    • Madman Anime Festival, Australia (as part of the official Tokyo Ghoul:re exhibit)
    • China International Cartoon and Anime Festival (only state-level anime event in China)
    • Shanghai Wonder Festival, China
    • Summer Wonder Festival, Japan
    • Salon del Manga, Spain
    • International Collectibles Show Conference (ICSC), China


    2019 Achievements

    Records and Firsts

    • Release of world premiere Hunter x Hunter Statue (March 16th, 2019)
    • First Making of/Behind-the-Scenes Documentary featuring the Eren VS Armored Titan Elite Exclusive Statue (May 29th, 2019)
    • Attack on Titan Eren VS Armored Titan Statue sets new Figurama Collectors Record by selling out all 850 pieces in just 4 hours 40 mins (June 16th, 2019)
    • First Figurama Collectors Statue to feature a female character (Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue)
    • First sequel statue in a Figurama Collectors series (Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue)
    • Touka VS Tsukiyama sets new record as fastest-selling Tokyo Ghoul Statue in 7 hours 05 mins (November 10th, 2019)
    • First Figurama Collectors merchandise revealed – enamel pins, puff bottles, socks, and beanies

    Recognition and Growth

    Statue Awards

    It’s the time of the year for statue awards, and Figurama Collectors’ Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Elite Exclusive Statue has already received two from critics:

    Best Statue of the Year 2019 (MCE)

    “Out of everything I saw this past year, the one that really stood out to me as being the top in every category is Figurama Collectors Trigun Vash Statue. This is the second time in a year that I’m rating them at the top, and they do extremely fantastic work in trying to honor the characters that they create statues for. They live up to their name. I love this statue because it captures Vash in the midst of battle. There’s lots of dynamic action going on—guns blazing, bullets ricocheting off the walls, going through his cloak… Paint application is done perfectly. There is no bleeding. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to lean or anything like that. And it just works out to be an overall fantastic piece. Highly recommended.”

    Best Statue of the Year 2019 (Statue Fanatic)

    “My favorite piece is this beast of a statue: Trigun Vash the Stampede 20th Anniversary Edition from Figurama Collectors. I think Figurama nailed it from head to toe with this particular piece. The sculpt, the painting—everything about it, in my opinion, is nearly flawless. I’m very proud to own this piece and my statue of the year for 2019.”

    Watch Best Statues of 2019 YouTubers Favorites Edition


    What’s Next in 2020?

    Want a preview of what’s coming next? Take a look with us into the future as we prepare for a major breakthrough year for Figurama Collectors!

    • Appearance at Winter Wonder Festival 2020 – Keeping with our tradition, we’re coming back to Japan’s Wonder Festival with big surprises in store. You won’t want to miss February 9th!
    • Guest Appearance at COMFEST Kuwait – We make our Western Asia debut February 27th-29th. In addition to having our statues on display, Figurama Collectors CEO, Mr. Shanab, will be on-site for special meet-and-greets with fans.
    • Preorders, Teasers, Reveals, License Announcements, and More!– Expect MORE of what you love about Figurama Collectors in 2020!


    Thank You, Figuramians!

    As we look toward the dawn of a new decade, we turn our gratitude to you. It is your enthusiasm and constructive feedback that has helped push us this far, and we can’t wait to see how much farther we go in 2020. We produce statues out of our own appreciation for good art and passion for our favorite stories and characters. To have your support is so important to us, as we take on niche licenses, employ innovative production techniques, and continuously discover new ways to blend technology and design with art and anime so that you—like us—can have a dream collectible on your shelf.

    Thank you, Figuramians, for an amazing 2019! We wish you health, happiness, and amazing statues of your favorite characters and series in the coming year.