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November 22, 2019

Earlier this year, we announced our relocation to Tokyo, Japan, in order to be as close as possible to the country that inspires so many of our statues. It is our deepest honor to add to this announcement that we will officially be partnering with Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) as our exclusive Japanese distributor.

On November 20th, Figurama Collectors was invited to attend the new Shibuya-PARCO TOM location preopening.

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki VS Yamori Elite Fandom Statue stands on display as a major centerpiece on Tokyo Otaku Mode’s 6th floor, which is named Cyber Space Shibuya and showcases game, anime, and character goods. This corner attracts the eyes of every passerby. During the preopening event, both fans of Tokyo Ghoul and those unfamiliar with the series stopped to express their amazement over the detail of the statue and take photos of it.

Tokyo Otaku Mode has expressed its appreciation of this collaboration with Figurama Collectors, stating that they have already begun receiving calls from Japanese residents who live in the countryside and wish to order the statue online after seeing images of it in a press release.

Shibuya is at the heart of emerging and trending Japanese pop culture. TOM’s store opening in this new location will create a cultural hotspot for Japanese fans to collect the most cutting-edge merchandise and fashion, with Figurama Collectors proudly displayed as a centerpiece. We look toward the future with enthusiasm as we establish our permanent headquarters in Japan.