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Collector Reviews: Kaneki VS Yamori

August 09, 2019

Figurama Collectors Kaneki VS Yamori Review

Featured image photographed by Louis Hernandez

Tokyo Ghoul fans and collectors of sculpted art are weighing in on our Kaneki VS Yamori Statue! We are simply stunned by the creative displays and special effects that Figuramians around the world have designed to complement our statue. Please enjoy some of our favorite reviews, with photography provided by our collectors:

“Great job, Figurama, for this masterpiece!! I’m very excited to see Touka VS Tsukiyama next.” ~ Daryl Joseph Buhat

“Thank you, Figurama, I don’t have the words. Great job, amazing.” ~ Adrien Casselman

“When I first saw this figure displayed at Madman in Sydney I knew I had to get one for myself. The detail on this statue is by far the best I've ever seen and I can't wait to get more statues in the future from you guys. THANKS SO MUCH FIGURAMA!” ~ Jayden Yugi

“I must say I am beyond thrilled with this piece! The detail, vibrant colors, everything is just on-point!" ~ Stacy McDaniel

“I am totally speechless and in love with how awesome this figure is! Definitely a solid buy! Thanks, Figurama, for this amazing piece.” ~ Lyn Concepcion

“Was finally able to unbox Figurama's Tokyo Ghoul statue, and I must say it's a masterpiece. The amount of detail and shading they put in this piece is immaculate. The piece is littered with various subtle tones, bringing both Kaneki and Yamori to life. The included busts are as detailed as the statue itself and make for great standalone pieces. The handcuffs on Kaneki are moveable along with the two flexible centipedes. The piece is a lot more beautiful in person. Those who ordered this piece would not be disappointed.” ~ Louis Hernandez

Photography by Stacy McDaniel

“Just received my Kaneki VS Yamori! I'm soooo happy about it. It's perfect. The details are amazing. You can actually see the veins, the muscles, the scars, everything looks organic and alive! The characters both looks great! The paint is right on-point, a great mix of vivid and dull colors for a very realistic render! Also, it's super easy to build! I'm really surprise that I actually have nothing to complain about! Congratulations, Figurama Collectors, it surely is a masterpiece!” ~ Adel McFly

"Best statue in my collection!" ~ Yvan Agustin

"Finally had time to unbox it, and it’s an absolute masterpiece! I wanna say 'thank you' to the Figurama team for making this beautiful piece of art. Definitely my favorite statue in my collection by far! Looks even better in person than in pictures. Can’t wait for Touka VS Tsukiyama!" ~ Andrew Flores

Photography left to right by Super滚筒, Yvan Agustin‎, Lucas Jacob, and Stacy McDaniel