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Tokyo Ghoul

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The first statue in Figurama’s Elite Fandom line captures Tokyo Ghoul’s season finale showdown between half-ghoul Kaneki and his deranged tormentor, 13th Ward’s Yamori. Rearing 63cm (over 24in) high on the newly-spawned fourth tentacle of his crimson kagune, Kaneki hovers in midair as Yamori lunges up to meet him, snarling and bearing his incomplete clawed kakuja. The cracked tile floor of Yamori’s torture chamber erupts with cinematic Easter Eggs as predator and prey throw themselves into combat—knocking aside trays of torture instruments, a bucket of blood, and the rusty chair that restrained Kaneki for over 10 days. A Chinese red-headed centipede scuttles past Yamori’s discarded mask. Most ominous of all, a single white carnation lies beneath the carnage, dyed with sanguinary flecks that foreshadow its transformation into a spider lily—and Kaneki embracing his inner ghoul.

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Alucard of Hellsing

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Figurama's latest Alucard Elite Exclusive statue depicts this iconic scene of the vampire as he calls upon the full lethal power of his Familiar Control. The captured souls, each represented by an all-knowing eye, swirl beneath his feet, twisting into a ferocious beast that is ready to devour more prey. Reaching a commanding 67 centimeters (over 26 inches) in height, the Elite Exclusive statue is a dynamic piece of art. Cloaked in his signature charcoal suit, leather riding boots, knotted red cravat and duster coat, the dapper humanoid version of Alucard arrogantly poses with his arms outstretched as if taunting the enemies standing before him. Each hand daringly dangles his signature weapons -- semi-automatic handguns named the .454 Casull and the Jackal -- toward the ground as if fully welcoming the chaos that is about to be unleashed. This hand-painted polystone Elite Exclusive statue is also constructed with high level of details to realistically replicate the elegant vampire who always finishes off foes in his unique style. Switchable heads are available.

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When we discovered that it was impossible to find a figure for Vash in this detail and scale -- which he certainly deserves -- he had to become a part of our collector's shelf. Figurama has crafted a dynamic 1:4 scale figure that depicts planet unsmoke's most feared outlaw dodging a barrage of bullets while directing his own deathly arsenal from the end of a modified .45 Long Colt toward the bad guys. Reaching 55 centimeters (over 21.5 inches) in height, this exquisite statue is concisely crafted from high-density polystone and some PU material for added details. Our talented sculptors produce the cleanest cuts you'll find in the figure collectibles industry, masterfully capturing Vash's signature crimson duster coat billowing in the breeze of the bullets. The cocky personality of this imposing character, who stands over six feet 5 inches tall, is perfectly replicated from the spiky tips of his wheat-yellow hair to his funky circle sunglasses to his booty-stomping knee-high boots. This exclusive edition of Vash the Stampede also comes with switchable heads.

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When iconic Marvel writer Walter Simonson announced he was teaming up with IDW Publishing to launch an entirely new Thor storyline, our Figuramian hearts fluttered. The stunning modern series, "Ragnarök Thor," has exceeded every expectation by taking the exciting mythos we love and twisting it in a completely different direction. With scheduled release dates through 2017, fans can continue following the adventures of the undead version of Thor as he travels across a post-apocalyptic world following the Ragnarök awakening. Brutally revived from the same death that took the lives of his fellow Norse gods, this flesh-rotting Thor is on a single-focused mission to put the world back in order. Considering how much we love this present-day comic, we just had to honor Simonson's legacy with the world's first 1:6 scale figure of Ragnarök Thor.

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A capstone piece for your Devilman collection, this fiery 3-D representation captures the epic final fight scene between the incorruptible human hero and his inner demon. Towering nearly 60 centimeters (about 23.5 inches) tall, this realistic statue erupts with all the emotions we felt during the apocalyptic battle between pure good and evil. The figure seems to jump right off the shelf, reminding us always that the "ability to become a Devilman is dormant in all humans." Crafted from high-density polystone and PU material and then meticulously hand-painted to depict an eerily realistic scene from the series, Devilman hovers midair with his wings spread, striking a powerful punch at Amon with all the speed and power that he possesses. In a defensive position, the enormous red-skinned demon raises his right forearm to easily deflect the jab while readying his hairy left hand to punch back with ferocious talons drawn. Despite Devilman's seemingly upper hand, Amon's formidable features and massive muscles ripple with power as he fearlessly fights to defeat the human forever.

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