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Collector Reviews: Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Edition

June 14, 2019

Collector Reviews: Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Edition

Featured image photographed by Casey Covel

Trigun's $$60,00,000,000 man has reached Figuramians around the world, and the reviews are rolling in like tumbleweeds. Please enjoy some of our favorite reviews, with photography provided by our collectors:

"Amazing, just simply amazing. Very well done and engineered. As a collector and a Trigun fan, I’m beyond words. Congratulations to all who picked him up. Looking forward to seeing everyone else receive him and their reactions. I’m blown away and can’t describe it enough!" ~ Jose Garcia

"Okay let me start off by saying that Figurama’s packaging is amazing. Everything came in PERFECT shape (and there were a lot of tiny pieces in the box.) A++ for that. With that being said, this piece actually blew me away. The guide book was very solid. But, wow, just the sheer detail on this piece and the paint... Exceptional! I couldn’t find one single flaw after staring at it for countless minutes. Amazing work. Can’t wait for future pieces." ~ Izzy Tommy

"Very dynamic piece. Cool base set up." ~ Luciano Collezione

"5 years and countless hours of hunting later, my 110-piece Trigun collection is complete. The final collectible? Figurama's Vash 20th Anniversary Edition Elite Exclusive Statue. I have no words. Look at the detail. Look at the angle, the intensity, the dynamism. Look at the translucency of the gunfire. LOOK. AT. THE. DIRT. ON. HIS. BOOTS. Thank you, Figurama Collectors! 10/10!" ~ Casey Covel

"Wow!! Most impressive. I think this is #1 even though its 225/400! I'm in love. Amazing work Figurama!" ~ Matthew Smith

"I'll be honest, I was skeptical about this piece. But now I can say you guys killed it. This piece is beyond epic and I can only imagine the monster that is the Attack on Titan dio that's coming down the road." ~ Giovanni Colimorio

"It's beautiful and I'm so happy to have a statue of my favorite character! Thank you very much Figurama! Love and Peace!" ~ Tanya Liégeois

"My first Figurama piece did not disappoint! I was hesitatnt to buy it because of its size, but I love Vash so I took the risk. Aboslutely worth it. WOW. Paint application is amazing. Packaging on point. This piece is wild. I'm really looking forward to the Evangelion license, and hoping maybe we will see a Wolfwood companion piece for Vash." ~ Jonathan Maples

"I finally assembled the whole diorama. Pictures won't make justice to this wonderful piece. I just LOVE him. Worth every dollar I paid. Worth every week and month I waited. It's just stunning. When I placed the last 'explosion' and stepped back a few steps, it gave me goosebumps. You nailed it. You made a real tribute to the anime. I hope you've got something planned for a 2nd Trigun diorama. I NEED more Trigun dioramas!" ~ Cédric Bardiaux

Photography provided by Super滚筒