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January 2020 Production Update

January 17, 2020

January 2020 Production Update

We have some major updates to share about two of our most anticipated pieces: Netero VS Meruem Elite Fandom Statue and Alucard Hellsing Ultimate Elite Exclusive Statue.

Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate Update + Bonus Gift Revealed

Alucard was one of our very first preorders, going up shortly after Ragnarök Thor and Devilman VS Amon. At the time, we were a very young (but no less ambitious!) company and learning new things with each release.

Our goal at Figurama Collectors is always to sell our art for a fair and affordable price, given the size, exclusivity, and materials used. Alucard is our most complex piece and an ever-evolving challenge over the past two years, as this statue features seven characters, intense details, dozens of bats, and over 300 eyes. Because of this, we have devoted additional time, effort, and financial investments in order to produce the most detailed, professional, and high-quality statue that every Hellsing fan will be proud of. Because our goal to deliver the best Alucard possible has resulted in additional time and updates, this has resulted in higher production costs, so we have made the difficult decision to increase Alucard’s edition size by 200 pieces for a total of 600 pieces worldwide.

Out of our immense respect for our collector base, we wanted to be honest and transparent about our reasons behind this decision. In turn, we make a commitment to all our collectors that this will be the very last time we change the edition size of any Figurama Collectors piece.

Because Alucard’s edition size has increased, 200 Figuramians on the current waitlist will receive an automatic conversion and a chance to own the world’s first Hellsing statue! While this was a very hard decision to make, we are very excited for the additional Hellsing fans who now have an opportunity to own this piece.

Due to the complexity and various enhancements to Alucard’s final production, he will unfortunately be shipping out a little later than the January 2020 date we last communicated. We sincerely apologize for the additional delay, but this is a piece we have poured every ounce of our creative energy, passion, design expertise, and technical engineering into, so we will only be satisfied with the absolute best.

Because we are holding onto Alucard a little longer, we would like to offer a gift to every collector who purchased Alucard Hellsing Ultimate Elite Exclusive Statue. As a gesture of our sincerest apologies and our immense gratitude to our amazing, patient, and supportive Figuramians, we are including—at no extra cost—an exclusive bust stand for Alucard. The bust showcases the same level of detail as the Elite Exclusive Statue itself, with Alucard’s features surrounded by countless souls swirling up from the depths of a familiar coffin. You can display one of Alucard’s portraits like a bust that stands 16cm (6in) tall!

We cannot wait to see images of Alucard in your collection alongside his specialized bust and exclusive art print. Please enjoy this first-ever sneak peek of the art print included with the statue!

The enormous support we have received from our Hellsing fans throughout the conceptualization, creation, and enhancement of Alucard Hellsing Ultimate Elite Exclusive Statue has certainly touched us in a unique way. We sincerely thank you all for your patience in our pursuit of perfection and truly look forward to shipping the Bird of Hermes to you!

Netero VS Meruem Elite Fandom Statue Updates

Great news, Hunters: Netero VS Meruem is coming to your collection even sooner than expected! The statue based on the ultimate battle of the Chimera Ant Arc will begin shipping out Q1 2020! Check out these photos of the finished production pieces, straight from our factory.

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!