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Figurama Collectors Featured at 2020 Firefly ACG Expo in Guangzhou, China

January 02, 2020

Figurama Collectors Featured at 2020 Firefly ACG Expo in Guangzhou, China

From December 31, 2019, to January 2, 2020, Figurama Collectors was honored to participate in 2020 Firefly ACG Expo in Gaungzhou, China. Founded in 2011, Firefly ACG Expo is the largest commercial animation and game exhibition of its kind in South China.

Thousands of anime fans and cosplayers had opportunities to see some of Figurama Collector's most popular upcoming releases in person, including Netero VS Meruem Elite Fandom Statue and Alcuard Hellsing Ultimate Elite Exclusive Statue. The award-winning Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki VS Yamori was also on display.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our sponsor and distributor, PoketCat, for this amazing opportunity to connect with our fans in South China.

Guangzhou Firefly Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. With the main business of organizing and planning a large-scale animation game exhibition, FIREFLY ACG EXPO (FFACG), it has successfully held 24 sessions in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places. It is the largest commercial animation game exhibition in South China. In addition to curating, it also provides planning and implementation of animation game culture-related content for online and offline platforms, and has successful cross-border cooperation cases with brands such as Taobao, JD.com, and Chimelong.

"A little bit of fluorescent light, gathering dreams", Firefly Culture has been committed to providing better content for anime lovers, and believes that the power of the two dimensions will bloom with everyone's joint efforts. Fireflies Culture will continue to build tailor-made, professional, animation brand event planning, large-scale public relations event planning, and corporate brand marketing case planning for customers with rich industry experience and deep understanding of the animation industry, and providing customers with a full range of animation integration. Marketing communication services make unremitting efforts to promote the development of China's animation and cultural industry.