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January 21, 2020

Our world premiere Tokyo Ghoul statue, Kaneki VS Yamori, not only won 1st Place in the BMUTHA Statue Awards 2019 Medium Anime/Manga category, but also earned 55.5% of the overall vote. That’s more than half the votes!

“Well-deserved! Nice light-up feature with some flickering effects, heavy, good quality, everything went together well, nice paint on it... Tsume, at least in the medium category, has been dethroned for at least one year. This was a big breakthrough piece for them. It sold out in a few days. It was a huge success for them, and it really snowballed. Every piece since then has sold out even faster.Well done, well deserved!”  ~Kris Bales, BMUTHA Reviews

Check out the BMUTHA Statue Awards 2019 livestream, hosted by Kris Bales, Gina B Collecting, and Charles Cecilia.