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January 20, 2019


“You have truly earned my admiration.”

At Figurama, we believe in giving back to the collecting community by collaborating with only the most renowned and skilled 2D and 3D designers. Every diorama produced by Figurama comes to life through the masterful craftsmanship of award-winning concept artists, digital designers, sculptors, painters, dreamers, and entrepreneurs, whose every move is guided by years of industry-recognized experience.

Keita Okada has won numerous awards for his digital and three-dimensional work and is a legendary household name among collectors. He sculpted the detailed kagune on Figurama Collectors’ fastest-selling diorama, Kaneki vs Yamori, and is the lead sculptor on our highly anticipated Netero vs Meruem Hunter x Hunter diorama.

Please enjoy this exclusive interview with Keita Okada to get insight into the artistry behind this incredible diorama!

As a special bonus to our collectors, every Hunter x Hunter: Netero vs Meruem diorama will include a certificate signed by Keita Okada and Shanab, CEO of Figurama Collectors.

You have received multiple awards for your work in digital sculpting, painting, and 3D modeling and have a vast online portfolio. How is Netero vs Meruem unique from all your previous designs?

The design of Netero vs Meruem is unique because it is a collaboration between two elements that I specialize in: rough textures and anime-inspired features and characters.

What was your earliest moment of artistic inspiration?

Since early childhood I enjoyed Japanese- and Chinese-styled dragons. They were my earliest artistic inspirations.

Which artists most inspire or influence you?

Mr. Shanab, CEO of Figurama Collectors, because he has an excellent sense of direction, high accuracy, and very good taste.

What tools, processes, or unique artistic routines did you employ when sculpting Netero vs Meruem, specifically? For example: Did you listen to a certain type of music or enjoy a specific beverage to keep the inspiration flowing?

The rocks in the background of the diorama are very fine, meaning I had to use a large number of subtools because the data was very heavy. Since it became heavy, I started to merge subtools and make them into one mesh so that I could work more efficiently.

Speaking of working with music: I usually work while listening to the Starbucks Acoustic playlist on Spotify. It makes me feel relaxed like if I’m at a cafe and it’s easier to concentrate on my work.

What theme would you say is most central to the Netero vs Meruem diorama, and how did you incorporate this theme into the piece as an artist and sculptor? What do you want collectors to “take away” from or feel about this diorama?

The theme of the Netero vs Meruem diorama is “fight.” I hope collectors enjoy Meruem in this cool and kingly fighting pose against Netero as they powerfully battle over a beautiful base.

If you had to describe the Netero vs Meruem diorama in three words, what would they be?

King, pride, and faith.

Both Netero and Meruem have unique skin tones and the diorama includes a variety of textures, such as rocky terrain, smoky debris, and smooth gold. What challenges did you face in including all these diverse textures in one diorama?

The most difficult part about bringing this diorama together was the background. I’m skilled at creating organic matter, but it’s challenging for me to create inorganic parts such as metallic bases and rocks.

How did you know when your work on the Netero vs Meruem diorama was completed? What was the finishing touch?

The final adjustment was to the overall silhouette, as well as fine-tuning the minute details. I knew it was completed when I could feel a lively kinetic motion from both Meruem and Netero.

The Netero vs Meruem Elite Fandom diorama will be published in your upcoming art book. Can you tell us more about this book, when it will be released, and where fans of your work will be able to purchase it?

My artbook will be published in spring 2019 and everyone from around the world will be able to purchase it from websites such as Amazon. I’d like to make it one of the best artbooks available, so I’m still working on it while being mindful of timeliness as well.