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Critic Reviews: Ragnarök Thor

January 31, 2019

Critic Reviews: Ragnarök Thor

Critics bring down the hammer with thunderous applause on our Ragnarök Thor statue! Check out some of our favorite reviews below:


"Thor himself looks really good. The hair is flowing; he has that monstrous, un-dead look to him. Figurama captured that nicely. All in all, this is a really cool statue, especially for the small scale. They did an amazing job with the texture and details. Outstanding work by Figurama to bring this comic to life!"

Radd Titan

"A lot of collectors like a smaller scale with a lot more going on, dynamics, movement--this one ticks all of those boxes. I'm impressed with it."

BMUTHA Reviews

"Really nice quality statue. Nothing to complain about--it's got a heavy, solid feel to it. If you're a fan of this series, you owe it to yourself to check out this piece. And even if you're looking for something a little bit different for your collection, this is a great piece to check out."

Mechanical Japan

"The figure itself is like four figures together. Each skeleton is full of details and this gives a unique depth to the figure. It is a 360-degree figure that we can look at from any point without losing a bit of its power. The obsession with the details of Figurama Collectors is incredible. Both the figures and the pedestal are a marvel of details that cohere the figure in a brilliant way. The predestal with Nordic motifs is incredible. It gives a uniqe power to the figure and fills it completely, making it an essential part of the figure. Honestly, it's hard to find something against this figure. [It] could not have been made better."

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"Excellent character sculpture, very precise even in the smallest components, with a perfect application of textures, especially on the details of the dress and on the parts of the armor. To complete the excellent work of the company an equally excellent coloring, without the slightest smudging, which succeeds in giving depth to the statue, and enhances it thanks to the effects of dirt on the costume and wear on the metal parts. The base supporting this impressive diorama is very detailed and rich in details. Throughout the composition we find several artificial elements that recall the setting of Walter Simonson's comic strip. The overall performance is undoubtedly successful and manages to give that extra touch to the diorama, making the whole scene more harmonious. We can only confirm the goodness ofFigurama Collectors' products. The first statue of the Elite Diorama line fully respects the prerequisites: to evoke a dynamic scene in a detail-rich diorama, which keeps the dimensions small without sacrificing quality, which stands on high levels."

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