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Figurama Collectors Wraps up 2018 with Critical Acclaim and Numerous Awards!

January 11, 2019

Figurama Collectors Wraps up 2018 with Critical Acclaim and Numerous Awards!

In 2017, RaddTitan predicted that Figurama Collectors would do great things by naming us as their 2017 Most Anticipated Company.

Well, WE DID IT, COLLECTORS! Thanks to the support of critics, collectors, and reviewers from around the world, Figurama Collectors is closing out 2018 with several honors.

This has been a pivotal year for us. Without your votes, without your support, without your passion for art, fandom, and collecting, we could not have made it this far in our very first year. It is because you believe in what we do that our first two dioramas to ever be released have won numerous accolades from the world’s most recognized collecting authorities and communities.

Devilman vs Amon

Best Diorama: Gold Award (RaddTitan)

“This piece was a no-brainer for me—the best we’ve seen in a long time. What impressed me more than anything else is there’s a lot of delicate spikes, wings, very thin parts, and translucent parts, and when you open the box everything is in mint condition. Figurama Collectors is one of maybe two companies in the world who could ship something like this in mint condition. Figurama’s Devilman vs Amon gets my vote all the way. Definitely a company to look out for next year.” Alex Thomas’ Top 3 Picks – Silver Award (RaddTitan)

“This piece is phenomenal. If you watch my original unboxing video of Devilman vs Amon, you can see how excited I am. I don’t often react like that, and on that video I was super pumped—really pumped. It’s definitely my Silver place this year.”

2018 Statue of the Year (ToyznTech)

“An incredible dynamic pose! Figurama Collectors together with Caleb Nefzen has recreated the essence of the clash between Devilman and Amon The details are impressive and the same can be said about the painting. A limited production of only 200 pieces makes this statue more coveted by collectors.”

2018 Statue of the Year (Jorge Medina: Marvelous Collectibles & Entertainment)

“My ultimate favorite this year was Devilman vs Amon by Figurama Collectors. I’m a fan of it even though I’m not a fan of the anime. But Caleb killed it with this statue. The detail on that piece is outstanding, the composition is really cool. It’s just got this massive size to it. If you ever come across it and see it in person, you’ll know exactly what I mean.”

2018 Statue of the Year (Thor: Darth Castle)

“It’s a fantastic piece—detail on top of detail, great base, dynamic… Just look at the wingspan. I don’t even know much about these characters. The incredible part is that this is one of their first pieces. To me it just separated itself from the rest, and that’s saying something this year. There’s some real tough competition this year.”

Best Large Statue: 2nd Place (BMUTHA)

“A masterful production with an innovative paint scheme, incredible quality, secure packaging and top-notch presentation…and, not to mention a brilliant sculpt from one of the industry’s brightest stars, Caleb Nefzen. If this is the bar set for future Figurama releases, then get excited, people, get very excited!”

Ragnarök Thor

Best Medium Statue: 3rd Place (BMUTHA)

“Walt Simonson’s unique vision of Thor, published by IDW Comics, is faithfully represented by this action packed diorama. This statue is littered with easter eggs from the comic series, and depicts the titular hero calling forth a lightning strike from his mythical hammer, Mjoilnir…an absolute work of art from Figurama!”

Figurama Collectors as a Manufacturer

Favorite Company Award: 3rd Place (BMUTHA)

Figurama Collectors is deeply honored to have ranked within voters’ top three favorite figurines companies of the year, especially with this being our breakout year among so many long-established competitors.

We have set the bar high, but we intend to only exceed it in 2019! Why? Because WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!