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Figurama Collectors Reveals Hunter x Hunter Netero vs Meruem Elite Fandom Statue!

February 01, 2019

Figurama Collectors Reveals Hunter x Hunter Netero vs Meruem Elite Fandom Statue!

The world premiere Hunter x Hunter statue by Figurama Collectors portrays the cataclysmic duel between the two most powerful characters—Chimera Ant King Meruem and the grand master of the Shingen-ryū school of kung fu, Netero. Having exchanged over 1,000 blows in one minute, both combatants brace for a final, decisive clash. Meruem rushes Netero with supersonic speed, deadly barbed stinger and bone-crushing hands prepped for the kill, while the 12th Chairman counters Meruem’s vicious onslaught by activating his multi-armed 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva from the rocky pinnacle of the underground tomb. The 76.2 cm Height (30 inch) battlefield explodes in a cloud of blinding debris beneath a giant Ninety-Ninth Hand palm strike, revealing a Gungi board—symbolic of the Chimera Ant Arc’s emotional climax and Meruem’s special connection with Komugi.

In true 1/6 scale, the second installment in the Figurama Collectors Elite Fandom series spans a massive 76.2 cm x 69.9 cm (30 inches x 27.5 inches) that surpasses most 1/4 scale statues. Professionally sculpted by award-winning artist, Keita Okada, the Netero VS Meruem diorama seamlessly balances the anime’s vibrancy with dynamic composition, anatomical accuracy, ragged terrain, and contrasting background elements, making it Figurama Collectors most visually complex piece yet. Rounding out a layered and lifelike color scheme, Netero’s Bodhisattva arms are finished with majestic antique gold paint and translucent tips that convey their blurring speed in frozen glory. An alternative expression allows collectors to depict the master of Nen with his eyes closed in prayerful concentration, focusing on Meruem’s attacks. The finishing touch is a gilded base with wrought iron-like details, encircled by the names “Netero” and “Meruem” spelled in the Hunter x Hunter alphabet, accurately translated from their original kanji.

With an exclusive run of only 800 pieces, Figurama Collectors’ Netero VS Meruem is a museum-quality treasure that includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Keita Okada and Figurama Collectors CEO, Shanab. It comes with alternative head for Netero.

Limited to 800pcs
Fully sculpted by the renowned sculptor Keita Okada
Comes with certificate of authenticity hand signed by Figurama Collectors CEO Shanab and sculptor Keita Okada
Hand painted with premium coloring by Three Eyes Studio
2 Swappable heads for Netero
Concept art by Jarold Sng
Creative direction by Figurama Collectors Development team
Approx. size: True 1/6 scale – H 76.2 cm x W 69.9 cm x D 64.3 cm (H 30in x W 27.5in x D 25.3in)
MATERIALS: Ecofriendly Polystone, Translucent Resin, PU
Price: $835 -Non Refundable Deposit: 20%
Payment Plan: Up to 6 months
Paying by a secure card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB) will take $45 off shipping costs