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January 21, 2020

Vash stole the hearts of collectors and critics alike, taking a massive 56.2% of the overall vote in BMUTHA's Annual Statue Awards 2019!

“When you see this kind of complexity, it becomes like an industry standard. Figurama Collectors was able to do something different, something new—take sculpting and production to a different level—and you’ve got to follow that if you’re going to enter this industry. Figurama, congratulations!” ~Charles Cecilia

 “Great statue. There’s a ton going on there. Amazing piece, really. It’s complex, definitely. It’s big, it’s heavy, and very, very cool. Congrats to Figurama! Picked up a clean sweep of the anime category. The way they broke this one down, they did a great job. It went together a lot easier than you might expect. It shipped in a bulletproof box.” ~Kris Bales, BMUTHA Reviews

 “Vash just really enthralled the collectors—those that got it and those that didn’t. You can even call it an overly complex statue, but that didn’t seem to dissuade collectors from enjoying it. This type of character deserves this type of complexity.” ~Gina, Gina B Collecting

Check out the BMUTHA Statue Awards 2019 livestream, hosted by Kris Bales, Gina B Collecting, and Charles Cecilia.