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BMUTHA Statue Awards Favorite Company 2019: Figurama Collectors

January 21, 2020

BMUTHA Statue Awards Favorite Company 2019: Figurama Collectors

Winning Favorite Company 2019 is the highest honor for any statue manufacturer in the industry. To not only take home this ultimate achievement, but also win it with 51%—over half of the overall vote—in BMUTHA's Annual Statue Awards is a token of our incredible fanbase, talented artists, and drive to always exceed expectations.

“Figurama Collectors is testing new boundaries. They’re getting people to be interested in stuff they’ve never looked at before—it’s really nice, really creative. I think a company gets extra points for that. It’s great that everyone wants to do Batman, but to do something that’s completely different—I didn’t know who Vash was before, but now I’m curious. Figurama managed to make their presence felt by an industry that’s dominated by MARVEL and DC and the movie industry. When we interview sculptors, those who worked with Figurama have nothing but amazing things to say about working with that company, too. All this adds up. They’re doing something right.” ~Charles Cecilia

 “You can see that 51.0%. They’ve really engaged their fans. Join their Facebook group. See what they do on a daily basis. Every single day they have a new question, new poll, new contest, new reveal—they’re getting people excited, getting people engaged. Their products are living up to that as well. They’re all turning out really, really well. They’re really putting in the extra mile. In a couple years, they’ve really built up a strong community. Three awards this year—swept the anime category and picked up Favorite Company 2019. They’re going to be a major player in 2020. They’ve got Alucard coming out, which is an incredibly complex statue. It’s an absolute monster. They’ve got Attack on Titan, an incredibly popular series. They’re going to be incredibly tough to beat!” ~Kris Bales, BMUTHA Reviews

These momentous achievements are the direct result of the incredible loyalty, support, and dedication of Figuramians like you around the world who believe in our art and the way we are revolutionizing the statue industry. This victory and celebration for Figurama Collectors is just as much your own victory and celebration. Those 400 of you who own Vash 20th Anniversary Edition and those 800 of you who own Kaneki VS Yamori now proudly hold in your hands more than a tribute to your favorite anime—you hold the Best Statue of the Year 2019! And to our Figuramians who have a statue on preorder or are waiting on the day we reveal a statue inspired by their favorite anime, know that we will only continue to exceed these incredibly high expectations and deliver statues worthy of the title Best Statue of the Year 2020, 2021, 2022… to infinity!

With 5 notable awards in hand, the year 2020 is off to an amazing start for Figurama Collectors, and it will only get better as we release highly anticipated statues and continue to surpass industry standards and transcend collectors’ expectations.

Thank you for all that you do. Let’s celebrate this amazing victory together!

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!