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ULTIMATE RECORD BROKEN! Ichigo VS Ulquiorra Sells Out in 4hrs 30mins!

July 26, 2020

ULTIMATE RECORD BROKEN! Ichigo VS Ulquiorra Sells Out in 4hrs 30mins!

“If a miracle only happens once, then what is it called the second time?” ~ Ichigo Kurosaki

Back in June 2019, our 950-piece Eren VS Armored Titan statue smashed through our sellout record in 4 hours and 40mins. We considered it a miracle. In this industry, it’s rare for a piece over $1000 to sell out in a day, let alone in less than 5 hours.

Yet here we are, faced with a second miracle. Created by the same award-winning team as Eren VS Armored Titan, Ichigo VS Ulquiorra Elite Fandom Statue has sliced through our previous sellout record in just 4 hours and 30 minutes—even with 350 more pieces than the previous record-holder!

But really, that’s only fitting. The story of Bleach is all about overcoming insurmountable odds, after all. As Ichigo battles his way through increasingly challenging enemies, including his own inner demons, he unlocks greater powers within himself. You might even say that one of Bleach’s timeless themes is that true potential comes from embracing adversity and challenges.

When Figurama Collectors set out to create the ultimate 20th Anniversary tribute to one of anime’s most celebrated shōnenseries, we knew the challenges in store. Yet from the beginning we believed that our passion as fans and collectors, our team of talented, award-winning artists, and our supportive Figuramians around the world could make this miracle sellout possible.

Ichigo VS Ulquiorra Elite Fandom Statue has been our passion project for over the past year. To have our work received with such enthusiasm and support by both critics and fans is a success all its own. To have it break our ultimate sellout record is unprecedented and absolutely humbling.

This victory is yourvictory, Figuramians. Just as Ichigo relies on his allies to win the day, we rely on you to help us defeat the odds. From the first moment of our Bleach license announcement at Wonder Festival Winter 2019, to our character reveals during the most-viewed episode of the BMUTHA Shelf Space Show, to the unveiling of the painted prototype, you have supported us with encouraging messages, thoughtful comments in our Hub, and constructive feedback that will make this centerpiece in your collection even more enhanced than before!

An entire generation respects Bleach as the series that started their journey into the world of anime. It is our deepest honor to be given the priviledge of creating the first licensed resin statue based on the legendary battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra in honor of Bleach’s 20th Anniversary.

Thank you for unsheathing your Zanpakutō alongside us as we take on new challenges and unleash our true potential. BANKAI!

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!