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Wonder Festival Winter 2019: A Groundbreaking Success!

February 26, 2019

Wonder Festival Winter 2019: A Groundbreaking Success!

On February 10th, Figurama Collectors participated as an honored guest at the Winter Wonder Festival in Japan—the largest convention for figurine manufacturers and collectors in the world. Thousands of attendees from all around the world gathered at the Figurama Collectors booth to take up-close photographs of our statues and compete in our Hunter x Hunter Treasure Hunt Quest statue giveaway.

Read on for the exciting highlights of our most successful Wonder Festival yet!

Hunter x Hunter: Netero VS Meruem Elite Fandom Statue Revealed

Figurama Collectors revealed the long-anticipated Hunter x Hunter Elite Fandom Statue. Conceptualized by Jarold Sng with creative direction by the Figurama Collectors Development Team, sculpted by Keita Okada, and painted by Three Eyes Studio, the statue received high praise from Wonder Festival photographers, collectors, fans, and critics.

In their premiere review of the Hunter x Hunter Elite Fandom Statue, RaddTitan described it as “Very intricate, with loads of detail and textures. Meruem has dirt on the back of his feet. Netero has liver spots underneath his skin, like an older gentleman. He has tougher-looking skin around his knees and elbows. His socks are dirty. The anime and manga have a slightly different style. The manga is a lot more realistic and the anime is more cartoony. This statue is a balance, which is very hard to get right—keeping fans happy while also being true to the source material.”

MCE emphasized the sheer size of the Hunter x Hunter statue, saying, “This piece is big—very, very, very big piece. The hand in the front is as big as mine. I would say it’s even bigger than Devilman vs Amon. This is one of those statues you put on a pedestal.”

Attack on Titan: Eren VS Armored Titan Elite Exclusive Statue Revealed

Created by the same award-winning team as Devilman VS Amon (Jarold Sng –concept artist, Caleb Nefzen—sculptor, Hellpainter—painter, and the Figurama Collectors Development Team), the Attack on Titan Elite Exclusive Statue made its premiere reveal at Wonder Festival, receiving thousands of photographs from lines of fans. RaddTitan and MCE filmed interviews with CEO Shanab and sculptor Caleb Nefzen about Figurama Collectors largest-scaled piece yet.

In describing the completed Attack on Titan Elite Exclusive Statue, Caleb Nefzen said, “It surpassed my expectations. Shanab knows my taste quite well and said that this license would be perfect for me. I had to watch the anime and I fell in love even more with the piece. I put all my fire into it. It’s very powerful, very dynamic, and that’s why I enjoy it so much.”

Live Signings by Figurama CEO, Mr. Shanab, and Sculptors Keita Okada and Caleb Nefzen


In a record-first, Figurama Collectors hosted a live signing session for the statue certificates of authenticity, featuring Mr. Shanab (CEO of Figurama Collectors), Kieta Okada (sculptor of the Hunter x Hunter Elite Fandom Statue), and Caleb Nefzen (sculptor of the Attack on Titan Elite Exclusive Statue). Every collector who purchases the Attack on Titan Elite Exclusive Statue or the Hunter x Hunter Elite Fandom Statue will receive one of these signed certificates.

New License Revealed: Bleach!

We are proud to announce that Figurama Collectors will be making a statue based on the popular shonen series, Bleach. More details to follow!

Tokyo Ghoul: Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue Teaser

As an homage to our upcoming second installment in the Tokyo Ghoul Elite Fandom series, Touka VS Tsukiyama, we featured a special display at our booth. Can you identity all the references to the anime? Look closely—there might be a hint or two of what you can expect from the statue…

Hunter x Hunter Treasure Hunt Quest Giveaway

As a special “thank you” to our online community, Figurama Collectors offered an exclusive Pro Hunter Treasure Hunt Quest to all collectors who visited our booth and asked to be enlisted in the hunt! The mission? To find Hellpainter (our Attack on Titan and Devilman VS Amon painter), get a photo with him, and race back to the Figurama Collectors booth in the nick of time! The prize? One of two Hunter x Hunter Elite Fandom Statues! Though thousands of collectors visited our booth, only 4 completed the mission successfully, and 2 took home a free Hunter x Hunter Elite Fandom Statue as a prize. Congratulations to our winners, Walichigo Kurosaki and Guile Gambhir! In addition to our Pro Hunter Treasure Hunt Quest winners, we also drew the names of the two hunters who won our Facebook giveaway for an additional two Hunter x Hunter Elite Fandom Statues. Congratulations to Denny Pippo Arteca and Deus Percil!

Hunter x Hunter Preorder: A Huge Turnout!

We are deeply moved by the overwhelming number of collectors who visited our website during the Hunter x Hunter Elite Fandom Statue preorder launch on February 11th. We never could have anticipated the exceptional number of online Figuramians who far exceeded our site capacity.
In order to ensure the preorder is fair to all collectors, we will be announcing a new preorder release date in the near future. Figurama Collectors considers the response to the Hunter x Hunter Statue an unprecedented success. We are so proud to receive such a positive reception from the collecting community and the Hunter x Hunter fandom.

Thank you, Collectors!

It was a tremendous honor to meet so many members of the Figurama Collectors Hub in person. We are so grateful for every single person who visited our booth, took time to speak with us, and shared their enthusiasm and support for our work as artists, fans, and collectors. This success would have been impossible without you—whether you met with us in person or supported us through social media. Thank you for following our numerous, exciting updates and making this our most unsurpassed, successful Wonder Festival appearance yet!
We have plenty more in store to share, so stay tuned and keep on collecting! WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!