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Statue Design Contest Winners Announced!

June 07, 2020

Statue Design Contest Winners Announced!

Our Statue Design Contest closed last week, and our team has been stressing ever since as we tried to narrow down these amazing entries to select our finalists! You all have truly amazed us with the dedication and passion that went into each submission! We loved checking in daily to see what new creations had been submitted. Some participants even posted daily teasers and clues for their upcoming entries – true Figuramians! To say it was a challenge for us to select only three winners is a tremendous understatement, as the team loved each entry. We found something inspiring and captivating in every one!

For this contest, we didn’t base our choices on artistic talent. Our goal was to understand your vision and the passion behind your submission, as well as consider your reasons for placement, characters, and scenes. We judged based on the dynamics of your piece, your position and base choices, the different elements you incorporated and why, reviewed your Easter Eggs, and even the choices you made for extras – such as prints, swap-outs, effects, etc. And some of you gave us quite a bit to consider! It was based on those deep dives into your submissions that we finally landed on these three finalists:

1ST PLACE - $150 GELD - Julian Jin Howard

One Punch Man: Saitama vs Boros - Just WOW, Julian! Your submission truly went above and beyond. Not only was the design super dynamic and intriguing, but your detail and emphasis on each element was stunning. You provided us with reviews, tons of information on all of your design choices, a plethora of bonuses and extras – going as far as to design stunning art prints, alternate busts and stands, dual-sided art stands/backdrops, an under-the-base design, top-down views, and so much more. The team was truly impressed by how passionate you were toward this project, and it truly showed in each item you included and each portion of the write-up that you submitted. Fantastic, dynamic design, and just an amazing amount of heart and effort displayed. Your effort here is beyond what we’ve seen in any prior contest. Thank you for sharing that passion and drive with the rest of us. You truly inspired us with this entry! Well deserving of first place. Congratulations!

2ND PLACE - $100 GELD – Sebastian Caine

One Punch Man: Deep Sea King vs Sonic – And another OPM entry wows us! Sebastian, your entry was just oozing with Figurama style! It is super dynamic, unique, and packed with tons of details! You captured the essence of our name in your design – emphasizing the fine details of the diorama as much as the essence of the characters! Your scene is both vibrant and eye-catching as one pans across the flow of the characters and environmental details (street elements, nature, splashing water, busted concrete)! Your submission captivated us from start to finish – your design, dynamism, alternate portraits, Easter eggs, and even a view of the back of one of your characters – truly amazing job. Congratulations!

3RD PLACE - $50 GELD – Ramona Pü

Dororo: Hyakkimaru vs Tahomaru – Ramona, we could feel the passion behind your submission. It is very clear to us that you are a true fan. We absolutely loved the importance of each element to both the characters and story and your selection choices when including these elements in your piece – from the demons on the base, to the headless statue, the talisman, the choice of location, etc. – all were spot on! Your alternate portrait designs (the damaged versions) are exciting and offer a different feel to the piece. One set of portraits provides a glimpse into the early stages of the encounter, whereas the damaged portraits project us directly into the heat of the battle! The interchangeable arm parts and LED’s were also a perfect Figurama touch! We truly loved your insight into these characters and this moment – truly impressive work! Congratulations!

Be sure to check here also to see the full entries along with their written submissions.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to our winners and a huge heartfelt THANK YOU for ALL the amazing entries. We were truly blown away. We are so grateful to each of you that participated and also for your contributions to the larger group in the Figurama Collectors Hub. Fantastic job to all of you. The passion poured into your entries was truly contagious, so thank you for your inspiration, outstanding entries, and for being a part of our Hub. You make us want to give our absolute best in all we do, so we can show our appreciation for this being the very best group ever! Until next time…

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!