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Collector Reviews: Netero VS Meruem

July 15, 2020

Collector Reviews: Netero VS Meruem

Featured images by Nattiwut Jantarid (left) and Alhindi Abdullah (right)

Collectors around the world are raving about the world's first Hunter x Hunter statue: Netero VS Meruem! From praise for the quality and detail, to nostalgia done right for a favorite anime series, here are a few of our favorite reviews:


"'Human potential for evolution is limitless.' - Isaac Netero. I would say Figurama’s potential for evolution is limitless! Phenomenal piece of art!" ~ Alhindi Abdullah


"Figurama has done it again! Wow! What an absolute masterpiece!!! Pics really don't do this piece justice. You have to see it in person to realize how beautiful and MASSIVE it really is! Thanks to Figurama Collectors for making such awesome collectibles for us fans! Looking forward to Alucard next!!!" ~ Josh Clatterbuck


"The best 😃 The quality is really high! ! It was good to buy (^^)" ~ Usagi Saeki


"I have been watching Hunter x Hunter since I was young and this statue is everything! Great detail." ~ Por Atiwatii


"Amazing statue. Even though its 1/6, it's still huge!" ~ Manaf AlHaidar


Photography by Khanh Do


"This statue is so interesting and the quality of the design is great. The coloring is amazing. It made me fall in love with it." ~ ชัย คนหม้ายไหร


"I could not be any happier with this masterpiece arriving today! Thank you, Firugrama, for the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into their work." ~ Freddy Orozco


"Finally, a Hunter x Hunter statue and this thing is HUGE! Meruem VS Netero's epic battle! Figurama, awesome, AWESOME job. This is such a beautiful piece. This is a masterpiece! This is the first Hunter x Hunter piece to go into my collection." ~ Tommy Gunn


"I received this beast yesterday and I could not be more happy with the results!! Thank you Figurama and looking forward to new licenses." ~Brandon Cid Sanchez


"When they said it was massive, seeing is believing. You all keep putting out great statues like this, I won't have room for anything else." ~ Joe Miller


"All I can really say about this masterpiece is that it’s even more jaw-dropping in person than in pictures! And ridiculously big and heavy! One of my favorite features is the sand/dirt on the base as well as the veins running through Netero’s legs and arms. I’m glad to say it arrived with no damage! But that’s to be expected with Figurama’s impeccable packaging! Now I really can’t wait to see the Alucard and Touka vs. Tsukiyama in person!" ~ Andrew Flores


"So beautiful." ~Nattiwut Jantarid


Photography by Steve McGill


"There is no way to express in photos how this piece is perceived in person. It has so much depth and commands the space it is in that, despite having so many statues, this one still makes you go 'WOW!!' Truly a work of art and one that I can say that takes the statue game to the next level." ~ Steve McGill


"My first Figurama statue. Mama Mia, this is a beast and one of the best statue ever made! In real life, it looks much more extreme and real. I hope that you will soon have the Hellsing figure in your hands and that you can share your joy with us. However, the Meruem vs Netero diorama will win Figure of the Year next year ." ~ Amine G. Leonardi


"Got my precious #738 today. Sooo happy, and the only thing coming to my mind is jaw-dropping. These pics taken with my phone don't do justice to this glorious diorama. Every time I look at it, I feel small, overwhelmed." ~ Cédric Bardiaux


"Keep up the great work, Figurama. Quality stuff for sure ." ~ David Ceballos


"The details are incredible. When you have the right angle and light,  you can see sweat beads glistening on Netero’s head and neck. Also you can see the spider veins on his legs as well with the purple hue to it. Very nice attention to detail." ~ Joe Jen

Photography by Por Atiwatii, Nattiwut Jantarid, and Joe Miller