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Shanghai Wonder Festival 2020 - Updated Sculpts and Production Reveals

October 06, 2020

Shanghai Wonder Festival 2020 - Updated Sculpts and Production Reveals

If there's one event we're always looking forward to each year, it's Wonder Festival! This year the Shanghai Wonder Festival in China ran from Saturday October 3rd to Sunday October 4th. Our exclusive distributor, POKETCAT, did an incredible job displaying six of our statues in Hall E4 No. A28 – A 31, including a beautiful banner display featuring the official art print designs for each statue.

One of our biggest draws was Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate Elite Exclusive Statue, which just began shipping out to collectors this past month. Attendees gathered around the display to take photos of the final production piece.

Both Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan and Made in Abyss Elite Diorama received special attention for their updated sculpts and paint application. Although some additional modifications are planned to enhance these statues further, Attack on Titan featured some updated coloring (such as the Armored Titan’s eyes) and Made in Abyss featured updated portraits (which will be further enhanced). While Mikasa was not featured on the Attack on Titan statue at Wonder Festival, she will be included in the final production piece.

We had an amazing weekend getting to connect with our Figuramians living in China, and would like to extend special thanks to POKETCAT, our exclusive distributor in China, for making it possible for us.

Wonder Festival (ワンダーフェスティバル) is the largest hand model exhibition in the world, drawing over 2,000 creators and 50,000 attendees twice a year.