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Critic Reviews: Netero VS Meruem

October 13, 2020

Critic Reviews: Netero VS Meruem

Figurama Collectors' world premiere Hunter x Hunter Statue, Netero VS Meruem, has wowed critics with its detail, size, sculpt, and coloring.

See what critics around the world are saying in some of our favorite reviews below:

Viet Collector

"First of all, it’s huge for a 1/6 scale. Second, the amount of details they put on this statue is amazing. Meruem's skin textures with multi-color paint really make this character pop. Netero has a buff, strong body with veins all over his arms and legs; he's floating in the air while slamming down on his opponent with several golden Bodhisattva hands. What I love the most about this statue is the painting on the hands. It’s got a gold chrome/metallic/dirty look which is awesome. It’s hard for any HxH statue to top this one, as it’s one of my favorite statue in the collection now."

BAM Collectibles

"I'm checking a box off my bucket list as a collector because I've always wanted to see the quality and workmanship of a Figurama piece in person and, man, it does not disappoint. I'm just super impressed by all the intentionality that's gone through the paintwork even in something as simple as the rubble of a column. Not all statues come together this nicely. Upon first removing [Netero] from the package, I had to take a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor. If you look closely at the paint application on the skin, there's all sorts of aging and veins through the muscles, and it's just incredible to see. I don't know how they did it, but there are different beads of sweat painted [on his head]. One of the things that I will praise Figurama for over and over again is they know how to create a statue that if you were to walk into a room and see it, it absolutely commands a presence. Your eyes go to them because of how epic and dynamic they are."


"This thing is HUGE! If you're a Hunter x Hunter fan, this is the centerpiece of any Hunter x Hunter collection. There's lots of action, lots of explosions, lots of energy in this piece. It's one of those impressive looking pieces. The colors really jump out at you. The base has a very aesthetically pleasing design to it. Very elegant. It's even got sand particles. The gold really pops. I like that it has darker colors and has this rustic feel to it. It gives an idea that it's ethereal and an ability that's very powerful. The texture and paintwork really enhances it. This statue is really, really awesome."


Shelnes Elie

"Hunter x Hunter is one of my favorite anime of all time. I've gotta say, 'Figurama, you guys are legit!' This is the most premium experience I've ever felt putting a statue together. This piece is huge and will stand out in any collection that you have. When you watch the episode where these two fought in the anime and you look at this piece, you're just reliving the moment. They paid a lot of attention when it came to the detail of this fight. They got the muscle definition and veins on Netero just right. Even his white socks look faded at the bottom, which makes them look a lot more realistic. On the top of his head, it looks like he's sweating a little bit. They're paying phenomenal attention to what happens in the anime. If I was to give this statue a score, I'd give it a 10/10! I've never seen a statue better than this one."