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Netero VS Meruem Survives Intense Drop Test!

April 18, 2020

Netero VS Meruem Survives Intense Drop Test!

This might be our best (and harshest) drop test yet. We not only dropped Netero VS Meruem several times, but also dropped it from 120cm! That’s 30cm higher than the standard drop test for packaged statues! Want to see it for yourself? Click this link!

Now that we’ve assured you that your statue will arrive safely, we’ve got even more good news. We have started shipping Netero VS Meruem in Q1 2020, which is an entire quarter sooner than what we first estimated. This is the result of fantastic alignment within the Figurama Collectors team and our factory. Even with unexpected delays due to worldwide events, we were determined to commit to our promise. This is a great success, and we celebrate with those of you who will soon be receiving Netero VS Meruem into your collections!

Because shipping rates are currently high due to limited couriers, we will begin by shipping the statue in batches to countries that have an acceptable shipping rate. Expect a shipping invoice in your email!

Thank you for your immense support of the world’s first Hunter x Hunter statue.

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!