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Design our Mascot Contest Winners!

May 09, 2020

Design our Mascot Contest Winners!

The Draw Our Mascot Contest has come to a close, and you have amazed us with your talent! Every day, we looked forward to checking for new entries, only to be impressed each time. Even when the team put their heads together to decide on the winners, we found it a true challenge and resorted to multiple tie-breakers.

In fact, because we’re so impressed and had such a difficult time choosing only two winners, we also chose to:

  • Added a 3rd Place prize of $75 in Geld points (it was too difficult to choose only two)!
  • Included one honorable mention, to simply recognize and pay homage another great entry that stood out to the team (though we were truly blown away by all the entries)!
  • And we will be displaying the winners’ artwork in the main Figurama Collectors HQ in Akibahra, Japan!

And the winners are…

1ST PLACE - $150 GELD - Albertini Luna

“On a technical level, this piece simply exceeds all expectations. It's a professional design that one could expect to see in a Triple AAA title video game. The artist did a phenomenal job in detailing and creating a unique character out of their imagination. You can see that the artist took much time and effort to do such beautiful artwork.”

2ND PLACE - $100 GELD - Julian Jin Howard

“Such a masterpiece! It's clever, it's comedic, and it's meaningful. The artist tied in their personal Figurama Collectors experience to this piece and included a narrative that paralleled Netero from Hunter x Hunter. With all the hard work that Mr. Shanab has put into this business, the passion behind this piece is exemplary. The artist put a smile on our faces, and the amazing story behind its creation comes from a great imagination that shows the depth in its design process.”

3RD PLACE - $75 GELD - Raymond Li

“The phantom arm is brilliant. A fantastic example of how non-conforming Figuramians are, and the parchment-colored background is a beautiful detail that shows how thoroughly this artist executed their work. Exemplary character design!”


“It's a completely out-of-the-box entry that not only conforms to the rules but finds a clever way to break them by extending the character outside of the stencil. The design would make an incredible wallpaper background! Adding the elements of earth, water, fire and air echoes Figurama Collectors’ universal outlook—reaching every collector around the world.


“Vibrant colors and a mesh of modern and classic elements bring this piece to life. The artist successfully combined various genres to create a fresh look for our mascot!”

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners and a huge heart-felt THANK YOU for all the amazing entries. We loved every one of them and can’t wait to see your artistic talents at work in our next contest—whenever that might be!

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!