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Kaneki VS Yamori Admired by Over 10,000 Attendees at Madman Anime Festival in Australia

May 22, 2019

Kaneki VS Yamori Admired by Over 10,000 Attendees at Madman Anime Festival in Australia

On March 16-17th in Sydney, Australia, it was Figurama Collectors' great honor to participate in the Madman Anime Festival in partnership with Madman Entertainment. 

The Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki VS Yamori Elite Fandom Statue, which is scheduled to ship in Q2 2019, received a prominent display space at the entrance of the exhibition hall as part of the jaw-dropping official Tokyo Ghoul:re exhibit, catching the eyes of over 10,000 attendees. Fans were also given the opportunity to admire a wall of elaborate Tokyo Ghoul artwork drawn by mangaka Sui Ishida and pose in front of a life-sized replica of Kaneki's kagune.

We are excited to announce that Figurama Collectors has also been invited to participate in the upcoming Madman Anime Festival event in Brisbane this May 25-26th, where Australian collectors will have another chance to see the Kaneki VS Yamori Elite Fandom Statue in person.

We extend a heartfelt and sincere thanks to our partners at Madman Entertainment for this incredible opportunity to connect with Australian collectors and fans of Tokyo Ghoul. We look forward to visiting with everyone in Brisbane!

Founded in 2016, Madman Anime Festival (also known as MadFest) is an annual Australian anime and Japanese culture convention held in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney. The convention is organized by Madman Entertainment and features international guests and exhibitors, cosplay, and exclusive anime events.