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Exclusive Interview with Figurama's Bouncy Block

May 14, 2019

Exclusive Interview with Figurama's Bouncy Block

Today, Figurama Collectors has the honored privilege of getting exclusive insight from one of the oldest and most (in)famous members of the Figurama Collectors team: the Bouncy Block who has entertained Figuramians on the website loading screen for years! Enjoy this rare interview with everyone’s favorite coral-colored cube.


First of all, Bouncy Block, can we just call you "BB" for short? Bouncy Block is a bit of a mouthful.

BB: Well, some Figuramians call me “bouncing block,” their “bouncing buddy,” or even just “block.” I have so many names that I feel very well-loved and occasionally a bit confused about what to call myself. So I can live with BB, I suppose.

Great to hear! So, BB, it sounds like you have a great relationship with all the Figuramians. Could you tell us a little bit about that?

BB: My fans are SUPER supportive of what I do. Bouncing endlessly, day after day, is hard work, but they always encourage me. They’ve made memes of me, gifs of me… some even took videos of themselves poking me. I love all of the attention!

What’s been your favorite experience as Figurama’s famous “bouncing block?”

BB: Oh, that’s easy! Definitely the Netero VS Meruem preorder. I got so much attention! Thousands of people were smashing the F5 key up to a million times a minute. I bounced and bounced and bounced just for them--doing my best bouncing to keep them all entertained. Good thing bouncing is a universal form of amusement! One Figuramian named Raffaele Lele' Romano made a special gif of me and called me the “real MVP,” and someone else compared me to Netero because of my never-ending endurance! I was so flattered!

You’ve really established yourself as a Figurama Collectors icon!

BB: Yes, and I wear my best coral suit every single day, because I’m Figurama’s biggest fan! Me and the coral-colored karate master are besties!

How do you feel about no longer being part of the Figurama Collectors website?

BB: Well, I think my fans took it the hardest. They all love the new website, but they miss me so much. I’ve had lots of thoughtful fans post in the Figurama Collectors Hub about how sad they are that I’m no longer on the website loading screen. Really makes a cube feel loved!

You have such dedicated fans! I bet Figurama Collectors could easily sell a dynamic diorama statue based on you!

    BB: Oh, no, I’m far too humble for that… But I wouldn’t mind seeing how cool I’d look posed alongside the coral-colored karate master from the logo!

    Lastly, can you tell us anything about the… rumor?

      BB: Oh, you mean THE rumor! Well, all I can say right now is that Figurama Collectors has heard how much I’m loved by the Figuramians and is planning a way for me to make an epic return! So keep an eye out for my bouncing. You never know where I might show up!

      Any final words for your fans?

        BB: You all are the reason I can bounce day after day without rest. Thank you for all your support and your endless F5 mashing! You guys rock!