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Collector Reviews: Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate

October 13, 2020

Collector Reviews: Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate

Featured photographer - Stacy McDaniel

A piece over two years in the making, Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate has finally made its way into collectors' hands and the reviews are raving. Enjoy what fans and Figurmians around the world are saying about our latest Elite Exclusive release:

"Words fall short of how amazing it is! This thing is enormous and gorgeous." ~ Josh Barker


"Thank you Figurama for making me happy. Alucard is 1st place for me. 😍" ~ ชัย คนหม้ายไหร


"Amazing piece!!! Well worth the wait!!! Love it!!❤️" ~ Jr. Guzman


"I just want to say, WOW!! Alucard is nothing short of a masterpiece and the wait was worth every single second. He is stunning!! He has so many detailed pieces and (tons of parts) and yet I had ZERO issues despite how intricate parts of him is. Truly, truly amazing job Figurama!! He is a GRAIL for sure. So happy to have him home so I can stare at him every day!!" ~ Stacy McDaniel


"This is my new favorite piece. I cannot believe the amount of detail on this guy." ~ Orlando Yazzie


 Photography by Bear Tavern


"I have no words to truly express how I feel right now. You guys have seriously reached my expectations and then soared above them! I'm so happy to display the No Life King next to the One-Eyed King. Thank you everyone!" ~ Eric Rhodes


"This is my first statue of this size and I have to say, it's a masterpiece. Came flawless, no breaks. Lucky to have such a good experience on my first purchase. Of all the statues I have seen, this is by far the best. The detail is insane. Thanks for the awesome statue, Figurama. This is definitely my grail." ~ Dante Miller


"Nothing short of amazing and way beyond expectations...#252. Thank you, Figurama, for absolutely crushing this 🤘🏼😎" ~ Adam Jones


"I underestimated on how big it was going to be. It went beyond my expectations. I love it. I knew it was going to be worth the wait. Now I can't wait for the Bleach statue." ~ Lajarvis Parks


"I still can't believe it's finally here. One of the first to arrive and also on my birthday. A self-offered and worthwhile gift 😬😬. There is absolutely nothing to say. A masterpiece. The sculpt, the paint, the magnets, the portraits, the quality of each of the 45 pieces, the protection, the packaging. All these years to release a pure wonder are worthwhile. The photos and their quality won't do the grail splendor justice. You can stay for hours admiring it from all angles and you will always find something new to see. Also would like to thank the awesome customer service and care of the Figurama team, always there for their customers." ~ Emilio Moussallem

Photography: (left to right) Stacy McDaniel, Jr. Guzman, Bear Tavern