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Critic Reviews: Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan

September 18, 2021

Critic Reviews: Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan

Hear that rumbling of giant footsteps in the distance? That's the sound of Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan Elite Exclusive Statue getting colossal reviews from critics around the world! Read on for a few of our favorite YouTube reactions, unboxings, and more!


"Man, this diorama looks amazing! You can see all of the detail sculpted into the Armored Titan's body and portrait. The paint applications add so much realism with the shadowing. I love how small Mikasa is--really shows the scale of this diorama. Wow, what an epic statue from Figurama. It's literally taking up my entire turntable. The detail in Eren's body is amazing--the muscle tendons that you see, the light blue veins under his skin. It's an epic battle where you can feel the intensity in the statue. I'm super happy to own it. Figurama doesn't do releases every month, and when something drops, it feels speical. I feel like this is right up there with their Hellsing Alucard and all their other great pieces." 


"Before I get to the review... respect the size! I've got this big smile on my face. I love big statues! I saw it in Japan, but seeing it again takes my breath away. Everything snaps in place very well. In terms of art and sculpt, it's superb. If you're into Attack on Titan or even just anime, this is absolutely a centerpiece! It's heavy, it's got a lot of weight. You'll want it on a rotating base so you can spin it around and show if off. I like how they incorporated the wall--gives it a nice, elegant look. There's all kind of debris and smoke which is what happens in the show when they battle. It has the chaotic mess of the show. Honestly, in my opinion, this is one of the wildest battles in the show. It's just a super, high-intense, high-impact, high-energy statue. Figurama killed it! I can't say enough. It's got all the stuff I like to see in a statue. I'm super happy to have this piece in my collection."


"The assembly looks quite daunting to start with, but when you put them into place, the magnets really suck them into where they need to be. The engineering is done really well. The production piece is an overwhelming success in terms of what Figurama Collectors was able to do based on the prototype. The way the veins look under Eren's skin are the best that I've seen, actually. Some veins are raised. His head, tongue, and teeth are well-done. The hair is so detailed, with individual strands blowing all over the place. Some serious work has been done on that. I'm quite surprised, really. A huge congratulations to Figurama and the team. I look forward to what they'll do next. I really dig it. Sometimes you see these pieces and think: I should watch this."

Frans Sanjaya

"I got goosebumps from this. Eren's hair is sculpted strand by strand. His teeth and neatly sculpted one by one. The tongue has a glossy effect, as though from saliva. Allow me to give an applause to Figurama Collectors for creating this most epic diorama statue. I'm lost for words. If this statue doesn't get nominated for Best Statue 2021, I will retire! A statue as cool as this must get nominated for Best Statue 2021!"


"I'm crazy for this statue! It is an incredible, truly wonderful diorama, certainly very challenging because it is truly gigantic. The level of collectability is high and the overall quality is really excellent. I love the Titans, but also the whole base with all the shades and exploding objects in the setting. What really convinced me most of all is the design and complexity. We're looking at an amazing scene!"

Crossover Universo Nerd

"Crazy work being done by the art team and sculptor Caleb Nefzen"

"...I think this is probably the most beautiful statue I have ever seen....in short it is really impressive....really a masterpiece"