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Collector Reviews: Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan

September 22, 2021

Collector Reviews: Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan

Featured image by Kerby Rosanes

Collectors around the world are unboxing the highly anticipated Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan Elite Exclusive Statue from Figurama Collectors. As reviews pour in from social media, here are a few of our favorites!


"Attack on Titan is one of around 3-5 animes which I truly love, so I had to get this! After years of waiting, #831 out of 850, my first ever statue has finally arrived! Cannot wait for the next AoT statue from Figurama!" ~ Ali Riel


"This is just a truly amazing piece. Yes, I am blown away by this one and my daughter is extremely happy as well. Thanks to CEO Mr. Shanab and Sculptor Caleb Nefzen as well." ~ Alfie Bolanos


"One incredible detail I'd like to point out is that anywhere you see red on the Armored Titan, that particular material is actually semi-translucent, allowing light to pass through giving it a slight glow effect. It's the detail like this that makes Figurama and this piece so special." ~ Dave Gibson


"Just got my first Figurama statue and it’s absolutely insane! It’s even more amazing in person! Congrats on this breathtaking piece Figurama!" ~ Kerby Rosanes


Photography by Nattiwut Jantarid

"Just got this humongous piece today and it’s truly amazing! Love it!" ~ Yi-lin Kim


"Attack on Titan is finally here! Look at the size of that base. Great work, Figurama. Love it so much!" ~ Yanke Zhou


"Pictures really don’t do this piece justice. When I saw a picture of it next to Alucard, I thought it wasn’t going to be as big as I imagined, I was wrong. The base is massive. Congrats to everyone who was able to snag one and great job to Figurama as usual!" ~ Seth Paetz


"This is the Attack on Titan sculpture that I have been waiting for a long time. Did not disappoint me. Thank you Figurama for making me happy with this. It's Huge!! It's massive!!" ~ Nattiwut Jantarid

  Photography by Kerby Rosanes, Eric Rhodes, and Nattiwut Jantarid