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Critic Reviews: Devilman VS Amon

February 01, 2019

Critic Reviews: Devilman VS Amon

Critics are raving about Devilman VS Amon! Check out some of our favorite reviews right below:

Mechanical Japan

"Amazing figure! This Devilman vs Amon figure is simply perfect!"

BMUTHA Reviews

"Figurama Collectors just smashed it. It's a beautiful statue. It's got everything going for it--high quality, sturdy, great packaging, great presentation, excellent paint, and, of course, Caleb Nefzen has an incredible sculpt. It looks like the original series, but they've kicked up the detail on that animation with the hair detail and muscle detail. It's just a fantastic statue. I'm really looking forward to seeing more from them."

Statue Fantatic

"This is one epic, amazing piece. This is a piece that takes risks--an ambitious piece, sculpt over the top; it's amazing that this has been put out. When I first saw the 3D-rendered base I thought 'How in the world are they going to turn this into a statue?' But they pulled it off. The ground Devilman and Amon are battling on has had a huge impact, and this huge blast has happened from their landing. All the rock has been displaced. The portraits are just menacing. If you take a light and shine it, you can see all the way down Amon's throat. Tons of detail, sculpt ,and detail on the wings. The tail is crazy. Each individual vertebrae in the tail is just stunning. If you're a fan of this anime, this is a no-brainer. You should pick this up. Other companies will not make these obscure characters. As far as the sculpt and design is concerned, it's hard not to give something like this a 10. The execution is ambitious. As far as paint is concerned, I tried to find flaws, and just couldn't. I appreciate that it's packaged in such a way that you don't have any broken pieces. Overall rating: 9.25!"

Frans Sanjaya

"Worthy to be called a winner--the best anime statue of 2018. The pose is so extreme!"


"Outstanding. I'm even more impressed with it now that I have it at home. This is my second 10/10 for this year. There's nothing wrong with this piece. It's just a beautiful, beautiful piece of artwork. This is why we collect. This is one of those grail pieces that later in life you'll find it's something that people are chasing after. Thank you, Figurama Collectors, for making this."

Radd Titan

"I've held every part of this statue, and it all feels incredibly premium. I'm incredibly impressed with Figurama--really, really, really impressed."


"We can only be absolutely satisfied with this statue. Figurama Collectors keeps the promises made, delivering to its customers a statue with an innovative and dynamic design, which brings together in perfect balance two characters and a splendid base, without one of these elements put another in the shade. The quality of the construction is very high, very similar to the prototype that we were able to admire live, in some points even improved. If these are the first results of the newly formed Figurama Collectors, we can't wait to see the next realizations, which will not fail to amaze the fans of anime and manga."

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