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Critic Reviews: Alucard Elite Bust

April 21, 2021

Critic Reviews: Alucard Elite Bust

The first entry in Figurama Collectors Elite Bust line has hit the shelves of collectors around the world and critics are weighing in! Check out some of our favorite reviews for the "Bird of Hermes" and his eye-catching coffin box!


"Very well packaged. It fits in the box perfectly. The box is pretty dope. It's cool to have it on display in the back [behind the bust] because of the shape. The foam inside doesn't leave a mess. The base of the bust is a coffin and has this spirit flowing up, so it's like it's own little statue, it's own entity--not just a place to display an extra head. Figurama always does a really good job with their thought processes."

Pop Cultura

"What a cool box! It's beautiful and compliments the figure. Figurama Collectors has truly surpassed itself, in my experience. The box is the shape of a coffin and I will never get tired of repeating that. It made a magnificent impression the first time I saw it. The detail on the hair is fantastic and the heads are beautiful. Look at the pupils in the eyes! Nothing is a single color, but in hues. Applause to Figurama Collectors. Even in a miniature scale, the design is high quality. Our score: 10/10!"


"The rigid box is beautiful and the front text is glossy. The magnets make easy assembly. It's a very high culture piece. Perfect, with no type of inaccuracy in terms of coloring. There is no defect whatsoever. Great care has been shown by Figurama in the excellent quality of packaging and figure, which is always on point for Figurama. However, it is a more affordable cost so this is a great alternative to the Elite Exclusive piece."


"Already from the box in which the bust is contained, we realized that we had a product of a higher quality than the average in our hands. Although we had read that the statue was quite small, opening the cardboard pack we found ourselves in front of a package of a certain thickness… and what a package! It is in fact a real black coffin. The sculpt is perfect and everything is in its place. From the geometric base with ruined details, to the souls that surround it, the cross and even the brand engraved on the coffin.  Figurama Collectors' Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust is one of the best products in the series, both in terms of quality and construction, on the market!"

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