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April 12, 2022


Hello Figuramians! We are back with some much-anticipated production updates and information we’d like to share regarding our production efforts in general. The last couple of years has introduced an array of new hurdles and challenges, which unfortunately in many cases, has caused delays to both production and shipping timelines. We are continually reviewing the situation and adapting our processes so we can stay on top of the changing landscape, while ensuring we are still meeting our quality standards every step of the way!

One of the main items we’ve been focused on is expanding our operations into an additional factory, and so we are very excited to announce the acquisition of our very own factory! Our goal with this acquisition is to better distribute our operations, give us more control over our timelines and production processes, and of course to help eliminate and/or greatly reduce delays.

As a result, a couple of our pieces have already been shifted to our new factory to complete their production, as we felt this was the best path to ensure we can prioritize efforts on these pieces and have more control over the enhancements progress and engineering updates. These statues were already experiencing delays due to these enhancements and other factors, and this move will help us reduce additional possible delays in their production.

  • Bleach: Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra – Stage 1 shipping for Bleach is still underway, and while many have received their pieces, the CNY and shut-downs in China due to epidemic-related government closures have resulted in additional delays for some. Most shipments have started moving again however, though some areas still remain closed, but please know your pieces will be headed to you as soon as possible (if they are not already). For Stage 2 shipping, we are expecting Bleach to arrive to our EU warehouse later this month, and as soon as it does, we’ll provide additional updates here in the Hub and will start sending out shipping invoices!
  • Kenshin vs Shishio / Made in Abyss – production for our Kenshin and Made in Abyss statues continue, but operations for these pieces have been moved to our new factory in order to better focus on finalizing their enhancements and streamlining the remaining production efforts. Based on the current progress, we are expecting QC to begin on both pieces early next month with hopes to initiate the first stages of shipping by the end of summer.
  • Ban vs. King – production for Ban vs King has been going smoothly, and the initial stages of QC have just started!
  • Claymore: Teresa vs Priscilla / Clare and Teresa Elite Busts – production samples for both the busts and statues have gone through several rounds of reviews, with adjustments made as necessary to ensure they are meeting our standards, but these are now nearing their final approvals and production is targeted to begin in early May.
  • Blame! Killy – we are very excited to share that production for Killy is now underway!
  • Dororo and Dorohedoro - have moved into the production sample stage.

Once again, we apologize for current delays, but truly thank you all for your continued patience and understanding as we work to make improvements to our processes and ensure we are delivering statues that meet our high standards to our collectors. Look for additional production and shipping updates in the coming months, and you can always find our latest updates in the Figurama Collectors Hub, under the featured tab, so be sure to check there! You can also follow the product statuses page found here!

Until the next update….Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!