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Final Quality Checks

Quality Checks


Production Sample


1 Box - (68.5 x 57.5 x 54 cm; GW: 21.56kg; NW: 16.56kg)

1 Box - (82.2 x 82.2 x 47.5 cm; GW: 14.15kg; NW: 11.06kg)

2 Boxes - (78cm x 78cm x 43cm; GW: 20.1kg; NW: 13.5kg) and (77cm x 67cm x 34.5cm; GW: 15.2kg; NW: 10.7kg)

2 Boxes - (83.6cm x 59.4cm x 32cm; NW: 9.5kg; GW: 14.2kg) and (83.6cm x 59.4cm x 50cm; NW: 15.3kg; GW: 22.5kg)

1 Box - (88.5 x 72.5 x 51.8 cm; GW: 34.1kg; NW: 26.2kg)

Box 1 - (73.2cm x 65cm x 50cm; GW: 24.5kg)

1 Box - (83cm x 65cm x 50cm; GW: 27kg; NW: 18kg)

1 Box - (67.5cm x 45cm x 64cm; NW: 8.3kg; GW: 13.2kg)

1 Box - (91.5cm x 69.5cm x 55.5cm; GW: 28kg)