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March 28, 2021


Greetings Safeguard, Electro-Fishers, and Figuramians!

Our journey to create Killy Elite Solo Statue began the moment we discovered this mind-blowing manga and its anime adaptation. We dreamed of someday owning a resin statue based on Blame!’s enigmatic wanderer, Killy, as part of our personal collections.

But getting to literally create this dream statue, from concept to production? That’s an experience as surreal as Blame! itself.

We enjoy targeting original series as our passion projects—stories we cut our otaku teeth on, that fed our imaginations and artistry—but nothing we’ve created up to this point has been as unique as Blame!. Our first dive into the sci-fi and cyberpunk genre. Our first Elite Solo piece. The first of our pieces to be digitally signed by the mangaka. Thefirst resin statue for this series ever created.

But even the most ambitious project needs people who believe in it to make it successful.

As it turns out, Blame! fans and Tsutomu Nihei fans are not to be under-estimated. In less than 12 hours, Killy Elite Solo has completely sold out!

This achievement would have been impossible without our amazing community of Figuramians. Regardless of whether you added Killy Elite Solo to your personal collection, if you reacted to, shared, or discussed it on social media, you are a part of its success. We are grateful for every comment, every “like”, every giveaway entry, and every interaction from the moment we revealed this piece at Figurama Festival, to our sellout today.

And we absolutely could not have done this without the support of original, long-time fans who have been engaged in the Blame! fandom since 1997. Thank you for your critical eye, your supportive comments, and your interactions with us across Discord, Reddit, YouTube, and social media. We’re so grateful we had the opportunity to contribute something to this fandom almost 25 years since its inception. It’s our hope that through introducing this statue to the industry, we have also introduced thousands of new fans to the mind-blowing worlds of Tsutomu Nihei.

If you aren’t already interacting with us in the Figurama Collectors Hub, please join us there. We want to meet you, hear your ideas for our next statue, and give you the chance to make history with us as we introduce more “firsts” to collections around the world. Thank you for your relentless support.

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!