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Figurama Collectors at Wonder Festival Summer 2017

12月 06, 2017

Figurama Collectors at Wonder Festival Summer 2017

TOKYO, JAPAN, Aug. 10, 2017 – Figurama Collectors Ltd. made its mark on the lively Summer 2017 Tokyo Wonder Festival with its imaginative debut of Devilman, Ragnarok Thor and Vash the Stampede statues.

Held on July 30 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, WonFest is the world’s largest daylong celebration of figures, their talented creators and their passionate collectors. The sprawling convention center along Tokyo Bay hosts hundreds of vendor displays, dazzling performances, creator interviews and limited-edition figures of popular anime, comic, sci-fi and video game characters. Major collectible companies gather among boutique retailers and independent craftspeople to showcase their recently released and upcoming figures and merchandise.

Drawing large crowds to the Figurama booth, the elite exclusive statue Devilman vs. Amon sold more than 75 percent of its pre-order stock within 24 hours. Following the festival, eager customers scooped up the remaining limited run of 200 figures, setting a sales record for the young company.

Masterfully sculpted by Caleb Nefzen, “Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman” is a formidable 1:4 scale figure that stands nearly 60 centimeters tall. The 3-D character artist from Bogota, Columbia, exquisitely captures the inner struggle of the beloved Japanese character, Devilman, as he faces an epic final showdown with his spirit demon, Amon. Japanese master painter Yagi Kazuaki brings the figure to life with his meticulous attention to detail, from the rippling muscles to the menacing gleam in the eyes.

The many jaw-dropping reactions to the debut of our sculptures was beyond anything that we expected, WonFest patrons have very critical artistic eyes, so we cherish their feedback that our details and quality exceed some established brands. We had many licensors stop by to express their interest in forming a partnership and are excited to explore these potential partnerships.

Festivalgoers were also mesmerized by the unique depiction of the zombified version of Ragnarok Thor. Inspired by the modern Walter Simonson comic,Thor Elite Diorama portrays a post-apocalyptic hero who is relentless in his pursuit to restore the natural order of the world. The mighty Viking god was only outshined by the introductory presentation of Trigun: Vash. A steady stream of camera flashes captured the visionary prototype of the dashing Japanese renegade. The 1:4 scale statue, which stands at 55 centimeters tall, is a dynamic work of art that captures the mischievous, brazen nature of the cult hero.

One of the highlights of the festival was visiting with Trigun author, Mr. Naito, who dropped by the Figurama booth just to say how much he appreciated the design, who announced that the final painted version of Vash the Stampede will be ready by September for pre-orders.

Figurama Collectors specializes in immortalizing classic fan-favorite characters and storylines from popular anime and comics. The talented team working with Figurama Collectors sculpts and paints each statue by hand. The figures are crafted from premium polystone and PU materials. Licensing agreements with Dynamic Planning Inc. and Flying Dog Japan have inspired unique creations that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.