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World premier Devilman VS Amon statue by Figurama

July 30, 2017

World premier Devilman VS Amon statue by Figurama

TOKYO, JAPAN, Feb. 20, 2017 – Figurama Collectors Ltd., a premier collectible statue design and manufacturing company, is proud to collaborate with Dynamic Planning to release an exciting new figure from the popular Devilman franchise, Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman.

Under the new licensing agreement, Figurama is bringing the beloved Japanese story of “Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman” to life with a masterfully sculpted and hand painted 1:4 scale figure of Devilman facing his inner demon. To celebrate the spirit of the anime, the figure depicts the final battle scene between the hero and villain, who are fighting face-to-face in the greatest showdown between devilish good versus pure evil.

“We are blessed to have this partnership with Dynamic Planning,” said Shanab founder and CEO of Figurama Collectors. “Devilman left a great impression on us as children, and ‘Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman,’ is one of Go Nagai’s masterpieces. This is our opportunity as superfans to honor the great Go Nagai, who is a creative pioneer in the anime world.”

An icon in the industry, Dynamic Planning Inc. holds some of the greatest titles in the anime world, from Mazinger Z to Cutie Honey to Grendizer. Dynamic Planning has managed the entire Go Nagai Animated portfolio since 1974. This expansion in Figurama’s licensing agreements comes on the heels of last month’s announcement that Figurama is partnering with IDW to produce the first 1/6 scale figure of Ragnarök Thor based on Walter Simonson’s award-winning zombified comics.

“These are great steps forward for our young company,” said Shanab, who is a master designer and holds more than 300 figures in his private collection. “We aim to honor the trust Dynamic Planning and IDW has placed in our hands by crafting figures that collectors are ecstatic to put on their shelves.”

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Figurama Collectors is a premium scale figures manufacturer and designer company that brings the world’s most iconic superheroes to life. A coalition of concept artists, 3-D modelers and sculptors have assembled to hand produce rare figures from beloved anime, manga and comic book stories. Figurama caters to enthusiastic collectors, delivering limited-run pieces of art that are destined to become prized showpieces.