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NEW LICENSE ANNOUNCEMENT! - Fist of the North Star

August 07, 2020

NEW LICENSE ANNOUNCEMENT! - Fist of the North Star

Figurama Collectors is honored to announce its newest license, the legendary anime, Fist of the North Star (more commonly known as Hokuto no Ken).

For many of us, Fist of the North Star was one of our first mainstream anime titles that set a high bar for mature themes, intense combat, and serious heroes with eradicating powers. In fact, the creator of Berserk, Kentaro Miura, called Fist of the North Starhis biggest inspiration!

Kenshiro moves from battle to battle like a stoic force of nature, showing little emotion and letting nothing intimidate him or stand in his way. We feel our pulse pounding as Kenshiro plows through bad guys with the overwhelming power of his ancient assassination art, Hokuto Shinken, doggedly determined to restore the earth after a devastating nuclear war.  

Perhaps no moment in Fist of the North Star is as memorable as Kenshiro’s battle with Raoh, his adoptive older brother and peer in the art of Hokuto Shinken. We have accepted the challenge of bringing the anime’s dramatic combat and iconic art style to life in this upcoming statue.

Please look forward to future teasers for Figurama Collectors’ Kenshiro VS Raoh statue and join the wish list now to be alerted as soon as preorders open!

“Omae wa mou shindeiru.”

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