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August 19, 2018

On August 19th, Figurama Collectors hosted its first exclusive event—the Figurama Collectors Tokyo Ghoul Premiere Event in Thailand at the Massive Toy Gallery in collaboration with our generous host, TSC Channel.

Not only did we take this opportunity to meet as many of our Asian collectors in-the-flesh as possible, but we also provided a chance to score some savory perks—like a $50 discount off of our Tokyo Ghoul diorama and a bonus print signed by the artist and our CEO!

Figurama Collectors sponsored the trips of TWO of our biggest Tokyo Ghoul fans to come to the Tokyo Ghoul Premiere Event. We like to offer special thanks to our two sponsored winners—Luca Caos Laganà, whose enthusiasm deeply impressed us, and Stacy McDaniel whose high taste we will always remember.

The Figurama Collectors team would like to extend our deepest thanks to the Massive Toy Gallery and Mr. Ken for hosting the hugely successful Figurama Collectors Tokyo Ghoul Premier Event. We were honored to meet the TSC channel team in person to discuss their passion for collecting and high knowledge of the industry.

Lastly, Figurama Collectors would like to offer an extra large thanks to Statue Collecting RaddTitan.com led by Alex Thomas, whose boundless energy and coverage lends so much weight to the hobby of collecting and the drive behind Figurama's passion.