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Figurama Collectors Honored with Invitation to the Emperor of Japan’s Birthday Reception

February 23, 2020

Figurama Collectors Honored with Invitation to the Emperor of Japan’s Birthday Reception

As the representative of Figurama Collectors, it was CEO Mr. Shanab’s great honor to be personally invited to the residence of His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan (pictured right) and his wife, Mrs. Masato TAKAOKA, to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty Naruhito the Emperor of Japan.

This by-invite only reception, held on February 19th from 7:00pm – 9:00pm, featured diplomats, ministers, military officers, and government officials, including the Minister-Counsellor Honourable SHIMMURA Izuru (pictured left). Mr. Shanab had the pleasure of conversing with these high-ranking officials, who expressed their amazement of Figurama Collectors’ accomplishments as a worldwide-recognized brand, and referenced Figurama Collectors’ Kaneki VS Yamori Elite Fandom Statue currently on display in the Embassy of Japan office.

The Emperor’s birthday is a national holiday celebrating over 1500 years of Japan’s reigning Emperors, as well as the current Emperor. Today, February 23rd, marks the first birthday celebration of Japan’s new 126th Emperor, His Majesty Naruhito, who turns 60 this year. This succession begins a new chapter in Japan’s history, the Reiwa Era, meaning “beautiful harmony.” To celebrate the Emperor’s birthday, a public ceremony is held at the Imperial Palace and its inner grounds are opened to the public. Over 80,000 Japanese citizens waving festive flags will gather to greet the Emperor and Empress when they make their appearance on the palace balcony.

Figurama Collectors joins the voices of Japan’s citizens in wishing His Majesty Emperor Naruhito continued good health, happiness, and a prosperous future for Japan.