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Critic Reviews: Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Edition

May 30, 2019

Critic Reviews: Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Edition

The reviews for Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Edition Elite Exclusive Statue are rolling in like tumbleweeds, and we're deeply honored by the number of 10/10 ratings from the internet's toughest statue critics!

Enjoy some of our favorite reviews from around the web below:

Mechanical Japan - 10/10

"One of the best figures that has passed through our hands. Figurama Collectors has done it again. Each new figure that this company presents exceeds the previous one, and doing that is very, very difficult. Every inch of this figure has been made to take the dynamism to another level. The metal plate is a marvel. Vash is identical to the one we all remember in the series. The final figure is extremely similar to the sample shown at Wonder Festival--a detail that collectors appreciate enormously. Without a doubt this... is the best Trigun figure to date. Final Rating: 10/10."

Read the full review on the Mechanical Japan website.

Itakon - 10/10

"We can say without any doubt that we are faced with a true masterpiece. The statue is perfect from every point of view. Similarity to the original character, sculpt, painting, and even the pose—everything is perfectly in the right place. Even the various "extras" inside go to embellish this fantastic piece. In short, if you love statues and large dimensions this is the piece for you, whether you know the character or not. Figurama Collectors has produced a masterpiece: Vash The Stampede 1/4 scale statues Elite Exclusive Edition. Final rating: 10/10."

Read the full review on the Itakon website.

Frans Sanjaya

"Trigun is going to win [best statue] this time in 2019. The base looks really epic. The details are really amazing. It's all polystone, but the cracked effects on the stone look real. If I didn't know, I'd think it was real stone. I don't know if the sand is real sand or not. It's crazy. I can't wait for the next product from Figurama. It's really big, amazing, and detailed. The base looks epic and spectacular. I bet this Figurama statue could be one of the winning candidates of 2019. I don't know how human hands could create such a masterpiece as this."

BMUTHA Reviews

"The quality on this statue is top-notch. My favorite thing about this statue is the style—action-packed and tons of fun. If you get a chance to look at the statue from the top down, there's a swirl, which signifies his nickname 'the Humanoid Typhoon.' This statue's got so much going on, it's going to be a real eye-catcher in your collection. The anime and realistic style blend seamlessly. It's got rich and vibrant colors and realistic glow effects around the explosions. The production quality is excellent—it's big, it's heavy, it goes together well. I have no problem saying this is Figurama's best statue so far."


"Figurama killed it on this one. In comparison to what I saw at Wonder Festival, this [final version] is leaps and bounds better than the prototype. It looks fantastic. It's a really awesome tribute to this character, and it reminds me so much of the anime that I really love."

Radd Titan

"On this piece, there is not an inch—not a millimeter—anywhere that's not detailed or finished—the back of the rocks, the underside of the base, is all completely finished. It's all well-textured and painted. I'm super impressed with it. There is no negative space at all. It's a centerpiece. A huge 'congratulations' and 'well-done' to Figurama! I love the Devilman character and love the Devilman piece, but this is much better executed."