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Over 1,000 Figuramians Line up for Figurama Collectors Booth at Shanghai Wonder Festival 2019

June 11, 2019

Over 1,000 Figuramians Line up for Figurama Collectors Booth at Shanghai Wonder Festival 2019

Figurama Collectors joined thousands of fans at the Wonder Festival 2019 in Shanghai held from June 8-9 at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center.

On Sunday, prior to the event's opening, over 300 VIPs lined up for an opportunity to experience the Figurama Collectors booth and Wonder Festival first. Over 1,000 Figuramians collectively formed a line to purchase an Attack on Titan, Trigun, or Hunter x Hunter art print and get it autographed by CEO of the company, Shanab, and pose for photographs. Keita Okata, the sculptor of the Netero VS Meruem Elite Fandom statue and Kaneki VS Yamori Elite Fandom Statue, was also in attendance.

The Kaneki vs Yamori Elite Fandom Statue, Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Elite Exclusive Statue, and Devilman VS Amon Elite Exclusive Statue were on display. However, most eyes were drawn to the Attack on Titan Eren VS Armored Titan Elite Exclusive Statue, which premiered in China for the very first time, allowing collectors an up-close and personal view of the colossal masterpiece.

To say we have been overwhelmed and blessed by the outpouring of love for Figurama Collectors would be an understatement. The support shown by the Shanghai Wonder Festival attendees, who traveled from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, has truly touched us in a unique way. Thank you all for the boundless excitement shown for our "Making of the Attack on Titan Elite Exclusive Statue" video and your enthusiasm to purchase it on June 15th! We are so very grateful to our Chinese fanbase and look forward to meeting everyone again in the future.

Wonder Festival (Japanese writing: ワンダーフェスティバル) is the largest hand model exhibition in the world. The organizer is the old Japanese toy manufacturer Ocean Hall (KAIYODO, founded in 1964, the current president Miyawaki Kenichi). The exhibition was originally founded in 1984 by General Products, the predecessor of GAINAX. It was taken over by Ocean Hall in 1992 and has been for 25 years. The latest official data of WF2017 (summer) held on July 30, 2017 showed that WF exhibitors (number of individual creators) reached 1,978 and the number of exhibitors was 50,757.