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August 31, 2018

You asked, and Figurama delivered: As a bonus to all collectors who pre-ordered our Kaneki vs Yamori diorama, we’re including a third head based on the moment that gentle Kaneki turns his crazed and tortured expression toward Yamori and utters the sinister line, “Now… it’s my turn!”

Best of all, even though this third head would otherwise raise the retail price of the statue, we’re adding it to your purchase completely FREE so you can enjoy even more dynamism from your diorama!

We spent several extra months perfecting the first two Kaneki head sculpts—the masked face and the face of focused tranquility, which embodies Kaneki’s gentle but intense nature. The third, sinister head captures a sudden “flash” in Kaneki’s evolving personality, making it a moment that burned itself into the memories of Tokyo Ghoul fans around the world.

In response to your feedback, we have chosen to encapsulate this memorable expression in our diorama for your enjoyment. We have worked incredibly hard to get this third sculpt approved by the licensers, and are pleased to announce that it has gained a fully, canonical stamp of ghoulish approvalPlease consider this our gift to you, not only for your incredible support and fanboy/fangirl-levels of enthusiasm, but also for thinking like artisans and co-creating this towering masterpiece along with us, the collectors!