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🎥 WATCH NOW! Figurama Festival Official Recap Video

March 06, 2021

🎥 WATCH NOW! Figurama Festival Official Recap Video

Greetings Figuramians!

Figurama Festival kicked off our 2021 with huge success. Be sure to check out our official event recap video, and read on for a summary of reveals, announcements, and more!

4 Statue Prototypes Revealed

  • Claymore: Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite Exclusive – Already sold out in less than 2 hours, but you can join the wait list here!
  • Dororo: Hyakkimaru & Dororo Elite Fandom –The world’s first polystone Dororo statue!
  • Dorohedoro: Caiman & Nikaido Elite FigumiZ– Our first statue with fully hand-sculpted characters!

2 New Lines Announced

  • Elite Solo– The Elite Solo line by Figurama Collectors is fully dedicated to capturing the significance of our favorite heroes and villains with singular focus. Sculpted in our signature, dynamic style with a primary focus on the character, these collectibles feature all our Figurama staples, including swappable pieces, bust stands, art prints, and certificates of authenticity. Blame! Killy Elite Solo is the first statue in this line.
  • Elite FigumiZ – We believe in the power of details, and that art is meant to be appreciated in every scale. Our new Elite FigumiZ series gives 1/6-scale-and-under resin statues their own showcase! Featuring a variety of styles and a smaller footprint, expect the same eye-catching dynamics and attention to detail found in our larger-scale pieces. Dorohedoro Caiman and Nikaido is the first statue in this line.

3 New Licenses Acquired

  • Shaman King
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Black Lagoon

Special and Honored Guests

We were honored to receive a special visit from His Excellency, the Ambassador of Jordan in Japan, as well as Japanese media reporter トイカンTOYKAN and two of our Japanese sculptors, Araki-san (sculptor of Doroehdoro) and Saito-san. Our team had a wonderful time meeting and interacting with so many Figuramians living in Japan. We hope the experience has been equally memorable for you!

Thank you, Figuramians!

Whether you came to visit in person or supported us online by tuning into our live announcements and stream, we’re so grateful to you. Thank you for pushing us to greater heights with a highly successful first Figurama Festival! We hope you look forward to what we reveal next…

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!