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The Ragnarok Thor Drop Test Verdict: WORTHY!

April 23, 2018

The Ragnarok Thor Drop Test Verdict: WORTHY!

Some of you expressed valid concern about the possibility of our Thor statue incurring damage during shipping. Rest assured: Our production team conducted 5 separate drop test trials to reach the perfect formula for the packaging that will prevent any damages to the highest percentage.

We tested these boxes (and test all of our statue's boxes) in harsh conditions, dropping them from 120cm—far higher than the average drop height for packages. We made sure to land it on all sides to account for any hidden "weak spots." (Just about the only thing we didn't do was smack it with Mjolnir, but we're sure it would withstand that, too!) Please enjoy the video (and the little glimpse at our statue), which has been sped up for convenience.