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SOLD OUT!: Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue Breaks Record as Fastest-Selling Tokyo Ghoul Statue!

November 10, 2019

SOLD OUT!: Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue Breaks Record as Fastest-Selling Tokyo Ghoul Statue!

"Human relationships are chemical reactions. If you have a reaction then you can never return back to your previous state of being."~ Ken Kaneki

In many ways, Tokyo Ghoul is a story about finding and creating community—uniting with others in order to survive, cultivate friendships, and shake up the ways of the world. Because many fandoms take the themes of their favorite anime to heart, we’re not at all surprised that Tokyo Ghoul fans from around the world united over social media to shower us with immense support, enthusiasm, and passion to change the statue industry for the better.  

Touka VS Tsukiyama has been a record-setter since conceptualization. It’s Figurama Collectors’ first statue to feature a female character, first sequel statue in a series, and first aesthetic statue. However, thanks to YOU, Figuramians, today Touka VS Tsukiyama has made world history! Despite having 193 more pieces than Kaneki VS Yamori (which sold out in 4 days) Touka VS Tsukiyama has sold out in just 7 hours—not only making it our fastest-selling Tokyo Ghoul statue but also making it the fastest-selling Tokyo Ghoul statue ever created!

While we give credit to the incredible talents of our artists and our own passion as fans and collectors, we must give true recognition for Touka VS Tsukiyama’s success to you, the collectors. Every one of you who shared our photos, changed their profile pictures, provided thoughtful feedback to enhance this statue, and cheered us on every day of this year-long endeavor—we raise our Antieku coffee mugs to you. We can only celebrate today because you supported our vision for premium Tokyo Ghoul and anime collectibles. You created a reaction that will transform Figurama Collectors and the statue industry for the better!

As a heartfelt token of our gratitude for supporting us this far, we’re excited and deeply honored to announce that Figurama Collectors is creating a THIRD Tokyo Ghoul statue! We hope you will all look forward to the teasers and updates to come!

Thank you, once again, for joining us on our journey to revolutionize the statue industry. Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!