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Figurama Collectors x RaddTitan Livestream Recap

August 18, 2021

Figurama Collectors x RaddTitan Livestream Recap

On August 15th, Figurama Collectors CEO Mr. Shanab was honored to be featured on RaddTitan’s Pop Culture Podcast and Collector's Chat #240. The hour-and-a-half livestream brought together Figuramians from around the world for in-depth discussion, exclusive announcements, and a Q&A.

Missed the livestream? We’ve got you covered! Read on for a recap of the discussion highlights:

Dorohedoro: Caiman & Nikaido 4-Hour Sellout

Kicking off the conversation, Mr. Shanab discussed the 4-hour sellout of Caiman & Nikaido Elite FigumiZ Statue, our 3rd-fastest-selling statue of all time. He credited Figurama Collectors’ success to its Figuramians who have always supported our work and been willing to provide critical feedback.

Successful Reception of Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan Elite Exclusive Statue

With Eren Titan vs. Armored Titan beginning to ship around the world to personal collections, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Mr. Shanab expressed the importance of meeting collectors’ expectations and going the extra mile to do a piece justice, while Alex commented that many of the statue’s details are so intricate they must be experienced in person (such as the veins on Eren’s body or the translucent muscles of the Armored Titan).

Dororo Colored Teaser – First Look

Ever since its first reveal at Figurama Festival, we’ve heard your requests in the Figurama Collectors Hub for a teaser of Dororo in color! While we aren’t ready to showcase the full piece just yet, we hope you enjoy this teaser of colored things to come. The kyuubi surrounding Hyakkimaru will be translucent, giving them an otherworldly impact.

New Statue Announcement!

We decided to drop a surprise statue announcement during the livestream: an upcoming piece inspired by the Devilman series! We can’t reveal exactly what the statue will be of yet, so stay tuned for updates.

Watch it for Yourself – Then Join the Discussion!

Want to check out the livestream for yourself? You can listen to the entire conversation and see all the reveals from our YouTube channel. Once you’ve checked it out, be sure to join us in the Figurama Collectors Hub to discuss the big news, speculate with other fans, and be among the first to see upcoming teasers and announcements.

We’re excited to share more news about long-anticipated statues with you soon. In the meantime,…

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!