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New License: Dai no Daiboken!

November 25, 2020

New License: Dai no Daiboken!

Figurama Collectors is proud to announce an upcoming statue based on Dai no Daibōken (also known as Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai)! Dai no Daibouken is a manga-turned-anime spinoff following Dai on his quest to defeat the Demon King and restore peace to the world.

As one of the best-selling manga serialized in the Weekly Shōnen JumpDai no Daibōken left an impact on our earliest memories. Its anime adaptation in 1991 introduced a generation of fans to a world of heroes, magic, and the shōnen genre as we tuned into a new action-packed episode broadcast each week.

With the remastered Dai no Daibōken anime currently airing around the world and reaching the next generation of fans, we’re so excited to be creating a new statue based on this nostalgic, timeless series.

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