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Critic Reviews: Kaneki VS Yamori

September 01, 2019

Critic Reviews: Kaneki VS Yamori

Figurama Collectors' very first Elite Fandom Statue, Kaneki VS Yamori, has critics ghoulishly hungry for more!

Enjoy some of our favorite reviews from around the web below:


"One of the best statues dedicated to Tokyo Ghoul. A fantastic statue from all points of view. Excellent sculpt, perfect painting, and faithfully reproduced details without any imperfections. The subjects represented are very dynamic and perfectly integrated in the diorama. A very special statue for its 'horror / splatter' and bloody style, recommended for Tokyo Ghoul fans and fans of the genre. Excellent choice of LEDs in the base, and the idea of ​​using extra faces with themed supports so that they can be displayed together with the statue is brilliant. Once again, Figurama Collectors does not miss a beat, confirming the high quality of its productions."

Read the full review on the Itakon website.


"After going to Japan twice and visiting Akihabara several times, I have seen my fair share of Tokyo Ghoul collectibles, but there is nothing quite like Figurama Collectors Tokyo Ghoul Statue! This is the best-looking Tokyo Ghoul statue I have ever seen, without a doubt!"

BMUTHA Reviews

"You can tell when a company really thinks about how a statue is going to be assembled, disassembled, and packaged. The packaging on this statue is very good. I really like the paint job on this piece—the glossy, bright red kagune, versus the darker more subdued tones of the rest of the piece. One thing we don't argue about as collectors is a clean paint job, and this statue has a clean paint job—the hair lines, the gums, lips, teeth, eyes, all these color separations and vein-work are all clean. There's not an ounce of color anywhere on this statue where it shouldn't be. I love how the base sets the scene and tells the story. You're not just getting a freeze-frame from the anime. It's a very high quality-feeling piece—heavy, sturdy, securely fitted, and well-packaged. Great job from Figurama!"


"When you're talking about engineering, paint, sculpt, lighting, details—it's all there. And it's all there in high quality. All of that is top 10 marks—all of it. Very impressive."

Frans Sanjaya

"I am always amazed with Figurama Collector's work. This is the best statue of Tokyo Ghoul and should get Statue of the Year."

Jajanan Sultan

"The detail is so similar to the characters in the anime and the pose is so dynamic. The texture is so cool; there's gradient-like color and the veins protrude. The magnet is very strong to be able to hang Kaneki up like this. It is so secure that it will not detach. Figurama is so cool. No part was hard to attach and everything attached effortlessly. It's so precise! It can't be denied: this statue is totally awesome and totally worth it!"

Mechanical Japan

"Whenever we have a Figurama Collectors figure before us, the same thing happens: We know from official images what this figure is like, but having it in front of us by far exceeds all expectations we had. From the pedestal to Kaneki's kagune, the dynamism moves perfectly toward the center of the figure where Kaneki and Jason meet. Each scale of Kaneki's kagune is represented one by one. Without a doubt, this is a figure that every Tokyo Ghoul fan should have in their collection. Its depth, its potential, and all the meaning behind this scene make it an essential statue."

Read the full review on the Mechanical Japan website