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Collector Reviews: Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust

December 09, 2020

Collector Reviews: Alucard Hellsing Elite Bust

Featured photo by Itachi Sama

"The box is just beautiful. The sculpt is crazy (I love Alucard's expression). The hairs of the head sculpt without the hat is ultra sharp like needles!! The paint is very nuanced, with a very nice gradient from a very crimson red to a brighten red. The tie in the wind is really great, again the paint on it is a treat. The head sculpt with its hat is my favorite; the glasses have a beautifully degraded reflection. The more I look at it, the more I appreciate this little bust. Congratulations and thanks to Figurama!" ~ Itachi Sama


"I would like to give [Figurama Collectors] a massive THANK YOU!!! I can thoroughly say I look forward to any other Hellsing-related figures that they produce in future. " ~ Anonymous


"The piece is really amazing!! Thank you all, Figurama Collectors." ~ Ivan Prn Ghelfi


"Once again, Figurama has knocked it out of the park with this piece! From the tips of the hair down to the stand, the details and colors are impeccable. And just when you’d think it couldn’t get better, there’s the coffin-like box it arrives in. By far one of, if not the most beautiful packaging I’ve seen for a statue/bust. This piece, as with all their other pieces shows the amount of passion and hard work that went into making it. It always brings a smile to my face to see that and leaves me excited to see what’s next!" ~ Andrew Flores