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🎵NOW STREAMING!🎵 Tune into Lo-Fi20.80!

July 20, 2021

🎵NOW STREAMING!🎵 Tune into Lo-Fi20.80!

Stream LIVE now on the Figurama Collectors official YouTube!

We’re proud to officially launch Lo-Fi20.80 on the official Figurama Collectors YouTube channel. 

  • Original, lo-fi remixes from master artists, continuously streamed live from Tokyo, Japan
  • New songs inspired by your favorite anime, video games, and movies added each month
  • Live giveaways, relaxing community environment, and endless nostalgia
  • 20.80 stands for “the 20’s are the new 80’s” – retro remixes for modern listening

You might be wondering: Why lo-fi?

Just like collecting statues of your favorite characters inspires your nostalgia, a simple sound effect from a nostalgic video game or anime series can trigger a wonderful sensation. Lo-fi is built on nostalgia. It makes you feel more productive, more at ease, and with a great sense of belonging to others. The mission of the 20.80 channel, is to create a culture of community for everyone over something we share a passion for.

We’re taking the music that shaped us and giving it back to society.

The 20.80 channel is designed to be a 4D experience. Our hope is that you’ll listen while gazing at your collection. In that moment, you’ll feel a flood of familiar memories wash over you. You’ll remember simpler moments, contentment, nostalgia, and peace. Like a memory in sound form.

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!