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Trigun Fans! Get ready for Vash the stampede

April 21, 2017

Trigun Fans! Get ready for Vash the stampede

TOKYO, JAPAN, Mar. 24, 2017 – Figurama Collectors Ltd. is thrilled to bring to life Vash the Stampede, the loveable blond-haired renegade from the Japanese cult classic “Trigun.” The innovative collectible statue manufacturing company has secured a licensing agreement with Flying Dog Japan to create the first-ever Trigun Vash figure in a 1:4 scale 55-cm model.

Figurama aims to produce premium scale statues that capture fan-favorite moments from Japanese anime or American comics. Since its manga debut in 1995, the Trigun storyline has been serialized in multiple magazines, an anime TV series, and an animated feature film. In creating the story’s protagonist, Vash the Stampede, writer, and illustrator Yasuhiro Nightow found the perfect balance between a brooding yet cocky interplanetary being who still acts like a teenager despite his 181 years.

“Vash deserves to be immortalized in this scale and detail,” said CEO Mohammad Shanab, who discovered his love for Japanese anime and American comics as a young boy. “He is mischievous yet kindhearted, lewd yet witty. The Humanoid Typhoon shaped our childhood visions of what a real hero looks like.”

With the licensing deal in place and the concept art created, Figurama will begin hand sculpting the prototype statue for production approval. The dynamic figure depicts Vash aiming his signature silver revolver, a modified .45 Long Colt, at unseen villains as he dodges a barrage of bullets. Planet Gunsmoke’s most feared outlaw is masterfully captured in his all his butt-stomping glory, from his knee-high boots to his horn-rimmed sunglasses to his crimson duster rippling in the wind.

“Our collaboration with Flying Dog Japan will result in the creation of a unique product for the Trigun Vash franchise,” Shanab said. “As the first of its kind in such a scale, it will be a unique figure that every collector is proud to feature on their shelf.”

Crafted from high-density polystone and some PU material for details, the Trigun Vash figure will be available exclusively through Figurama on a limited-run release.