Figurama Collectors was born in 2015 from a lifelong passion for Japanese anime and American comics.
As a premium scale figures design and manufacturing company producing collectible pieces, we cater to pop
culture art connoisseurs with high standards. As artists and collectors ourselves, the Figurama team shares
a vast knowledge of this industry. Our extensive experience over the past decade has allowed us to design, sculpt and develop creative concepts that capture collectors’ favorite memories. We bring beloved characters and scenes from manga, anime and comic books to life, creating scale figures that we would be proud to have on a shelf as part of our own endless collections.



The name Figurama is a mashup of “figure” and “diorama.” Every statue emphasizes the fine details
of the diorama as much as the essence of the character to capture both time and space. These dynamic,
timeless scale figures are made with eco-friendly materials and premium hand coloring details. We don’t make mass production sculptures. Our innovative statues are limited editions, so we are able to personally inspect each figure at every stage in the production process.

We are

the collectors

Delivering highly crafted masterpieces to hardcore collectors, we continually seek new ways to surprise our
fans while remaining true to the original characters. We want to keep growing our titles around the world,
challenging and pushing the current limits of production technologies, industry techniques and environmental materials.

Figurama aims to bridge the missing link between astute collectors and the statues industry. We are a community of collectors. In fact, you are only allowed to work at Figurama if you have the passion for collecting scale figures and you are an otaku (nerd). We know our customers individually and feel like a big family of Figuramians.



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